Any Help Appreciated..Insight on My missing Dog

  • My dog recently came up missing and is unlike him. He is a dachshund named Buster we have had for 5 years now and is like a son to my family. My uncle let him out as usual, we had contractors working in the yard, when my disabled uncle went to let him back in he was gone. Posters have been placed and contractors agency was contacted but no one has came forward. Any insight no matter what would be a blessing. Maybe were we can maybe search or anything. Thanks in advance. God Bless

  • I am seeing him in a red kennel so I feel someone is looking after him. The posters may reach them as I feel your dog has gotten quite a fair way away despite his size.

  • Do u think someone stole him or he wondered off which he hasn't done before

  • Thank you so much

  • No I feel he is being cared for by people who found him wandering around. They are looking for his owners.

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