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  • Hello, Im a 34yr old college student who is engaged. Im currently living with my fiance and his best friend/and his wife. anyway, long story short, right now things are very stressful, esp with fiances. My fiance is a truck driver, he had been an over the road most of the time,but recently tried a local job, driving a dump truck, which a friend of his gave him the job. unfortunately he has decided to go back to over the road. this cause the local job just doesnt pay him as well. also he has child support that is charging himb waay too much. 800/month to be exact! but cause its from out of state he cant go 2 court to have it reduced. if they take that much $ we will be in fiancial crisis!! so this is another reason he is going to over the road. cause this old job, pays under table. he wants/willing to pay the child support but he just cant survive with that amount. this local job turns out to be a challenge cause they havnt had any work for him for last 2days, and he just started 2days ago!!! so we are in a catch22 position. I am miserable with him being on the road.

  • In this situation as in any relationship both parties need to square away their own finances in order to keep peace and reduce oppression. If each person is accountable for their own personal responsibilities there should be no oppression there. In all strong and secure relationships, partners understand and can cope with longer periods of being apart as communication is one of the most important factors of a relationship.

    I will draw a dew cards for you as far as what you can do to make this struggle a time for building and strengthening the relationship. 34 is a good age to be engaged as well.

    Trying to defend your current position in the relationship in regards to companionship time is working against you. Trying to take on too much and allowing others and their issues effect you to much is not working in your favor. What is working for you is your ability to netter appropriate your thoughts and to indirectly influence the situation by positive thinking and self assertion within your own responsibilities.

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