Tarot-Nick? If you please?

  • Nick, I have finally made my decision. I am going to leave. U have been such a help and I hope that u can send some prayers and luck my way, that things can go peacefully. U r right about everything thanks for sharing ur talent!! I very scared but feeling strong. I hope that courage is still an attribute that I have maintained, if nothing else. I am looking forward to a new life ❤

  • In a month hit me up again, remember the path you are taking can be a long one with a lot of bumps. I have a sister in-law going thru one now...not easy, or fun. The emotions are strong, just remember to breath deep and be detailed; don't let the back and forth stuff lose focus of what is important.


  • today is my first opportunity to get out fast. Can u please give me some insight aboutmyhubbys future? I am excited to find my freedom, but I worry about him. If I leave today it can impact his job interview process and performance. I feel I cannotwait, though. I really wanthimto nail this job opportunity though! It will guarantee him all he has ever wished, I think; and I have always wanted him to be happy.

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  • LeoLight,

    I am uncomfortable reading thru other people, I'll only do a reading if a person asks. Otherwise I would be invading their privacy.



  • I understand thank you


    It's my birthday this week.

    Happy BDAY to me

    can I get some insight please ?

    I am sooo tired.

    and I need to know if i am approaching my career wisely.

    Thank you and all the love in the world to you.

  • Hi LeoLight

    sorry about taking so long, I have been slacking...

    you have something going on...someone in the background working against you...be careful

    you are not seeing the big picture, but are you playing the game too?

    and your moving too fast or want something too much and like whatever I'm getting it....

    There is tension which is causing you to be indecisive

    I’m guessing that things haven't been working out lately...feel like suffering worrying and doubt

    unfortunately it seems your not going anywhere

    I’m feeling loneliness and like a loss

    you have been waiting for something to start...something with money

    your going to need to dig down...things aren't going to move...and your feeling stuck

    there is a strong guy pops up...he makes things happen...or wants things his way

    and stick it out...i feel like a tough road is ahead, but you will come to a pause...it may take a while but then things will get better after the pause....so dig in...and don’t give into the negative...things will work themselves out...time....

  • Thank you, Friend!

  • This Strong Guy.... is he a creative type? I may have an opportunity to head to LA with a fellow creative, but I want to be sure I will be safe, above all things. The money will be good, but, well, it's California... $$$ it might cost more to survive!

    I am feeling the same, that the road will be tough, I have a lot to learn, it seems.

    I think I am being unwise, need to cool down.

    again, Thank you!

  • The feeling I got was that he was strong and makes things happen, but with that is he likes things done his way....

    if he is with the first three lines, make sure you slow things down and look at the whole picture. Not just you want to see or want to happen. I got the feeling you are going to react and not see everything. I'm not saying that its bad or good just make sure you see everything then make a decision. That seemed important...


  • Thank you ❤

  • Hi, Nick 🙂 Just wanted to say hello, all is well with you? ❤

  • remind me next week and I'll give you a reading if you want.

  • Hey! No, I just wanted to say Hi 🙂 Hey yesterday I finally got to a place to practice your remote viewing, I must say I didn't do too badly! 🙂 But I felt that I was not allowed to sense any farther than how the person looked. Plus, I didn't really want to, it was a dating site and i got a lot of sexual energy from him, ha haa so i didn't really want to explore him more, but I wanted to share my success w you! Thanks for all you have done ❤

  • What did I say?

    hahahah I'm stuck at what I call the blackboard.

    Funny because I know I go thru when I do a reading. Thats feeling rather then seeing...but when I want to see, either everything is blurry or the scenes moving too quick to recognize what it is or I get very close up of faces, where I see lips or eyes.

    Waiting to see what the next step is,


  • Yes, lol i am feeling right now, but I do remember when I was able to see, clearly! One girl I tried with she had curly red hair and I will always remember how I "saw" it. I had done so well in describing her looks as well as personality that she thought i was a friend playing a prank.

    But with this man, I clearly saw some sexual imagery that he was probably toying with in his head lol and after that, I felt a very negative wall built, as he probably shut down as he realized I wasn't going to engage in further chatting. But before then, I could sense him sitting on his bed, about to watch tv, his eye and hair color, and what state he lived in 🙂 The state was a little less accurately, however, it took a second guess.

    What does the black board mean? I don't understand. When you say that, I think of a blankness or something...

    Another thing I am very excited to share with you is some success with engaging a crystal pendulum! I am not sure what to do with it though, hahaa 🙂 And I am learning that it is more complicated than "yes/no" answers. I love that, though, it means that there is an incredible dynamic to it. I am also avoiding some interaction with it as I want to be careful to not engage in selfish or egotistical acts. I feel that talents such as this should be used with oneness in mind, and I am honestly very selfish and self-indulgent at the moment. At least, more than I have ever been. I want to be balanced first! My Leo Ego is in full swing darling! And its very emotionally disturbed, too, so I want to be careful. It's very hard for me to not want to show off, or seek attention, and I feel that might taint the crystal.

    But I could be weird, lol

    Thanks Nick!

  • when I close my eyes and clear my mind, I see what I call a black board... sometimes when I am doing readings I see writing in like white chalk....but it’s too blurry to read... its black like the universe black...some have hinted that it’s like a window...i can go up to it but not thru it...if anyone has any ideas i would be interested to hear them...

    I Google-ed the crystal pendulum...I haven't heard of it, seems like a different tool for you to tap into. Some people like the yes or no format...I have seen people ask and give answers that way...I try for a bigger picture, I like information...the more I have the more I can sift thru to make a good decision.

    To know your weakness is a good thing, to know you are weak in something is a challenge to make yourself better. Find the opposite of self-indulgent and work toward that, use the crystal to answer other peoples questions...just be honest and say I am working on building my strength using the crystal maybe you can help others. In helping others you are helping yourself. So instead of feeling bad you use it for good and you learn a little about yourself in the process. It will be about trusting that little voice. Who knows where that can lead...

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