Tarot-Nick? If you please?

  • HI I see that your readings are very valuable. I am in a very difficult circumstance, any advice please? If you need details let me know . I need to know if I should leave my husband or stay??

  • Hi LeoLight,

    I will give you a reading to help you see what you are feeling. I would never say what you should or shouldn't do. The reading is to help you see what your feeling so you can see it from hopefully a better perspective...it’s to help assist you... your choice is your free will...God’s gift...

    you haven't been very nice lately, I get the feeling you have been very irritable and others have felt it

    there has been a pause, which has made you think, almost like you feel you can start something

    a guy who is mean and doing something sneaky...

    things open up, you get a turn of luck

    i get the feeling money has been like sand thru the fingers...there one minute gone the next

    your going to hit some obstacles, things get tough...be strong

    with that...i feel sadness...things breaking down

    what will happen I almost feel like it should happen...you have been worrying about it

    It's important to look at yourself and know who you are...believe deep down and trust yourself

    there is a fear of change, but things have a way of working out

    you will have someone watching out for you

    You have some very strong emotions to deal with…plan things out and trust who you are.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank u nick I wish I could give u a big hug u r very talented.

    can u please clarify? There has been a pause which makes u feel u can start something? Idk what that means, also a guy who is mean and doing something sneaky... Is that how I feel? Or what it really is? Is this my husband?

    I really want for all these things to be clear to me so that I know what to do to prevent the hard times and make the right choice at the right moment. I have been feeling that if things need to end then it should be clean and swift. I don't want to draw out the pain any longer. I just want for the universe to guide us both to happiness.

  • Really so many hugs to u!!!

  • The pause seemed like you have made some kind of decision already and you prepared yourself for it....you took a breath and waiting....

    There was something going on with the guy, I had a sneaky or double dealing type of thing, it would be a guess on my end as to whom the person is...I describe it as I am getting the view from 10,000 feet. You can't see the details but you know what is going on.

    the reading is like a snapshot of what can be, free will can change anything and then change what happens. The cards that come up are like a not warning but guidance to try and help. the way it felt was you are going to hit that rough patch, so the guidance is to prepare for it if you can... like you prepare for a storm...it doesn't stop the storm from coming but you can make yourself more comfortable.


  • Hmm I have a couple sneaky people in my life unfortunately. But double dealing makes me bring it down to two possibilities. I think I will just be careful in my relations with them. Does it seem to be a business transaction?

    Is this any warning as to my physical or even mental health?

    What isthetecnique that u use to see/feel? I would like to learn

  • I believe he is the one you are most concerned about, it is what you are feeling strongest...most emotional.

    Just something to be aware of so you are not surprised... When I get like three cards in a row as a warning then the feeling is like yelling...hello watch out...but in this case it was just the one card to make you aware of what someone is doing.

    hahahah I thought you gave me a new word...isthetecnique....I looked it up...hahahaha then I saw is the technique...hahahaha

    One its practice and trusting your feelings...do a lot of readings...then again I am different...I guess everyone is unique... All my experiences, the stuff I have been thru, lets me tune into feelings. That tuning allows my readings to tune into feelings. Just trust and Love...and hopefully I send others a little peace to help them... so I am glad I made you smile... Keep smiling and pass them on...

  • Hmm yes I guess I understand what u mean... 🙂 when I was 16 I would go to chat rooms and do 1-on-1 chats with random ppl and try to guess simple things like their name, hair color, eye color, etc. I was pretty accurate so I guess I have to get back to trusting my intuition, I really miss it. But I guess it's the trust and love that's really missing...

    I woke up yet again to anxiety and upset stomach. I realized that the upset stomach is the same feeling u get when u do or have done something very wrong. This tells me that there is something very wrong in my life. I have been ignoring my intuition for so long, or letting someone else tell me what should happen for so long that I have become numb to my own inner guidance. Maybe this is one of my life lessons. It's so hard to get back there!

    Can u give any tips, even if basic, to tap into my intuition again? Recreate the love and trust? Or what is something that u do daily to make sure u have that global connection? ❤ thnx nick ❤

  • When u saw this one that is mean and sneaky, did u see that I will ever come to know what he is hiding? Is this something to investigate or will it come to me itself, soon?

  • For the guy it was more of a feeling of that was how he is or was acting... If you are wise to what is going on it is hard to be sneaky or to be surprised by it. Be detailed and document then the lies can't hurt because the truth breaks apart lies.

    Try sitting and being calm, I was never taught meditation but have read enough to pick up things that I seem to adapt that work for me. It's not easy.... you have to try to shut your brain off; There are different stages it seems, reflecting knowing who you are and getting to know yourself enough to trust... I'm still growing and always learning...weighting what works and where I can grow. Start small and set goals, time and patience. Can't hurt to slow things down...clam...peace...and thought


  • Thanks that's good advice. 🙂 I will try that. It's hard because I feel a lot of urge to move or run or,,,, idk! So I will try keeping silence.

    Could u please give a sense as to where I am now? What might be coming next? If there is anyone I can talk to that can give me good guidance or advice?

  • Hi LeoLight,

    Your worried about the future because you can’t see what coming...it feels all blurry to you

    When things change and feel like its ripe apart...new things can come from it

    it feels like you have been thru the grinder...took a breath and are ready for something to come of it

    you are having a hard time with the heart (affections)...you keep fighting, not sure if its lack of communication or you are just butting heads

    money wise be careful, either you just hit a bump or you were comfortable and its starting to get tougher...be smart

    Who’s the domineering woman...jump how high and do as i say feeling...

    be ready for a fight or a battle...hold your own and be strong

    Look at what you are worried about...it was a thoughtless action... need to be wise

    it seems you are ready for something new

    your ready for the fight...remember it takes time...slow as steady wins the race

    its important to set goals and reach for them....i get the feeling you can run into the blahs...where all you want to do is just get by....when things get tough... it's more important to look at the details and work thru them

    Hope that helps,


  • Yes nick thank you!. So from what i understand, what u r reading that I am being unreasonable and maybe making a mountain of a mole hill? That maybe I am being retaliatory/bitter and need to cool my head? Give my hubby one more chance? I do wish that things could bring happiness but I have definate fear that its not possible. I don't want to be a domineering woman, I want to be equal with a loving partner

  • I just read this again and can see where I must have misunderstood your reading.

    Sorry abt that 😛 🙂

    The domineering lady might be my step-mother, my dad divorced her but he unfortunately has to live w her until he can manage a better living place. She's awful and I've cut her out of my life; as much as possible anyways. If it's not her I'm not sure who it could be

  • U say look at what I'm worried about "it was a thoughtless action." That is true but the thoughtlessness of it was also consistent, dangerous and abusive... Am I making a mountain of a mole hill?

    Thank u so much for giving me help and perspective ❤

  • Hi,

    There is a lot of history that I don't have to help you make a decision, and as you know I won't tell you what I think you should do...that has to come from you...I can help in what I felt, so ...

    whatever the thoughtless action was has bothered you, it felt rash, what I don't know is what lead that to you, so instead of being impulsive think it thru, try and look at it from all angles. Sometimes we get hurt by just jumping in....check it out stick your toe in then walk in. You will be more prepared that way.

    I am assuming you are butting heads with your husband, a fresh start could be something new or are you spent and tired where not having that is something new... that you need to look at, and the fighting is going to take a toll on you, again be prepared. Don't just trust things will work out, you need to plan them out to make it happen....not saying it won't work just its important to set your goals and plan for them to work.

    So I think the message was don't just do then worry...think then do...


  • Thank you yes I am sorry I don't mean for yu to feel obligated to make my decision for me, just I was trying to understand and verbalise my subsequent questions. You explained it very well, thank you!!!

  • Nah it's not that...just me being me. Being I only see a small clip it's hard to give you what could be a life changing decision. From my end it would look right, but I am not seeing a full picture. Of course God giving us free will, trumps anything I can say... so I hope I helped.


  • U really have helped. I hope that someday I can repay u in kind ❤

    Today I can relax so I think I will try to center myself and try some of your suggestions we had discussed earlier. 🙂 I hope u r doing well feel free to talk to me as well; I feel u r my friend at least u can treat me as one of yours 🙂

  • Pay it forward whenever you get the chance, by helping someone lend a smile, or a helping hand or a word of encouragement, then it will get back when someone else who needs it. That’s why I do the readings. I am glad I have lent a smile, and will gladly lend another.


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