Tarot-nick can you pick on my feelings too please?

  • please pick up on my feelings?

  • Hi moonalisa,

    some happiness... an old friend or someone you knew

    your disappointed...almost like you gave up

    you are going thru something, stick it out though...give it time

    your worried, almost like what is going to happen now

    your stuck, which is also causing indecision

    you ran into stumbling blocks...you need to work hard

    a sad feeling...like a friend left or is not there

    money has also been a concern...you may have some gain, but it doesn’t last

    who’s the guy...has to be his way and he is short tempered

    that hard work i felt before is important, you have the will to make things better...reach down deep it’s in you, you just have to believe and work hard to make it happen

    and be open to something new...almost like something you wouldn't normally done.

    We need to find you happiness or lighten the load; There is a spark in you, but you need to find a way to let it shine. Read this over and figure out why your stuck. Then plan to make it better…hard work is involved but you can do it.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks Tarot-nick, yes, i am feeling disappointed with what is happening or rather NOT happening in my life lol but i realise it's me and only me who can change something. The only thing necessary is determination which i need to muster and that's the tough part. If only i had a clue which direction i should follow... where i can find what i am looking for...

    You are right i am still bearing the consequences of what happened in my life some time ago and it sometimes kills all my optimism.

    There is a man in my life, can you pick up on his feelings too regarding me and our relationship...

  • The good news is you have it in you to make it better, trick will be finding it and working hard to achieve it. Have you ever tried writing it out so you can see in black and white what has troubled you and also list what makes you happy. You are on the right road when you can at least see it or have a feeling of what was wrong. If you did something wrong and you say you are still bearing it, use it as a learning lesson. These are the choices I have made...look into why you made them and what the outcomes were...if you see a pattern and it one that you don't like break the mold. Make an effort not to follow those same foot steps, create a new path. That could be the hard work. It is easier to walk the well worn path just because it is there...one it is more comfortable even though you know at the end its going to lead you to a place you are not happy with. Funny I chose those words, just looking up again at the reading...I think you will realize that a new path may open up to you... will you have the strength to follow it?

    Look again at the reading, there is a mention of the guy. Feel will and free choice are yours to make, again the trick is to look and deicide what is right for me...Look deep within you, the spark will light up, you just need to fuel the flame.


  • Hi Tarot-nick, can you do a reading for me please... i feel there are some changes going on in my life right now...

  • Moonalisa,

    Here you are,

    feeling unstable, things not going well

    there’s a pause in the struggle, be strong...keep going

    either new job or money but it doesn't last

    but there is someone trying to help out... strong guy

    seems like a friend popped up and your happy

    again about the struggle, but it seems you will have little wins that give you hope

    but there are still bumps in the road that you will need to deal with

    and this struggle has gone back and forth you have been worrying about it spending a lot of energy

    with this friend it may have started off nice, but it seems to have soured

    and you are not trusting you think something is up

    which in the end will not make you a nice person to be around...snappy and not nice

    ok trick will be how you handle yourself, if you are not happy does that mean that everyone suffers? or you deal with what you are going to go thru and make the best of it...maybe a learning experience...find the positive...and build on that

    hope that helps


  • Thank you Nick:), it seems like there's going to be quite tough time for me... sometimes it's not so much external circumstances that are hard to deal with but your inner world... taming your thoughts and emotions can be quite a challenge. With this guy, i don't know what to think any more... Anyway, i hope the sun will shine on me one day... Thanks a lot.:)

  • I understand, my thought at the end was supposed to be positive....hard to put infliction in words....

    i always say its ok to struggle then...next line is snap out of it...hahhaha

    What bothers me a little is why you think you can’t trust...if that is the case is it worth it? that is something for you to decide. The other thing is use it as a learning lesson for the future...so you don’t repeat history.

  • Tarot-nick, can you pick up on my feelings please?

  • Hi moonalisa,

    You have the ability to do what you need too

    You are feeling doubt

    You are having troubling juggling more than one thing at a time

    You are having trouble seeing what is coming, it’s all cloudy

    You had trouble with a domineering woman…tough to deal with

    You want something to happen, but you want it now and don’t have the patients to wait

    Your holding onto an idea that is old, almost like this is how I always did it so I am going to continue to do it…even though you think it won’t work

    You feel threatened or that something is wrong but you don’t want to see what is coming so you are ignoring it

    There is a bump in the road coming…something you wanted to happen doesn't

    There’s going to be some conflict that will cost you (emotionally) but it will open your eyes afterwards

    There is a guy (not a nice guy) who is cunning and smart but not in a good way…be careful

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick, yes, the doubts, all the time, i cannot get rid of them and confusion... i so often wonder what will be next, what is going to happen with me and my life, i just do not know where i am... all i was hoping for is not coming maybe as you said i need to be more patient... i am coming back to a work place where i do not wish to be, where i know i will have to face some problems, where i won't be happy, this is probably what you sensed- this feeling of being threatened but there is no other possibility now, i have to come back there... is the conflict you see work related? is the cunning man somebody in my job and is he involved in the conflict?

    One more question Nick, how far in the future does your reading go?

    Thanks a lot.

  • in what way is the man dangerous for me?

  • The guy has this negative feeling about him and he is smart and knows how to get away with what he does...that makes him dangerous in my eyes. Forewarned is forearmed though, and that is part of the message that the cards were giving. The other part is to be aware of what you are getting into; sometimes we know that we didn't put ourselves into the best situation, but we can’t closing our eyes to it and hope it will go away (that’s the feeling I got). Sometimes we feel we have to do something even though it may not be the best situation to put ourselves in... it seems you went back to a work place that you know there will be problems but you need the money...just keep your eyes open knowing what you are putting yourself into...and find a way to better yourself in the meantime. Sometimes you have to do what you have too, but that doesn't mean you have to stay there...find a way to get yourself out...that could be the part of not following the same path where you know where it is leading too. If you do something just because you always have done it that way and it blows up...you can cry and say why me...because you know in the back of your head where it was going. So to fix the cloud you need to change the path, you can do that, you know it is in you…just think your way out and work hard to achieve it.


  • Thank you for the warning, now i do not have an idea who the man could be but i suspect it could be someone in my workplace. I am aware of the difficulties i might face when i get back which makes me already quite stressed but i am on the job search all the time hoping to come across an offer suitable for me at last. i am not planning to stay where i am, just do not want to quit the job and be left with nothing. Wish me good luck Nick 🙂 and all the best to you.

    ps. oh, you were also right about the domineering woman in my life...

  • Hello tarot-nick, i guess the dangerous man you mentioned last time in your reading for me is my boss, and the conflict that you said would cost me emotionally was with him...

    Could you please pick up on my feelings again?

  • moonalisa,

    seems like you are using your imagination...or dreaming

    but something is not right, where you are sad emotionally

    realize that doesn't change your ability to see things and use your thoughts

    There is a pause which will allow you to build up strength to push through

    you can make things happen, by doing what you need too

    this will allow you to open up and make what you need

    with that work you will see results

    you wanted something to work and are sad, it wasn't what you imagined

    fight through and be brave, have courage

    feeling changes, there is a pause, like something new but look at it, think it through...don't rush

    there will also be a new friendship...feels like a smile...

    hope that helps,


  • Thank you Tarot-nick for these words of encouragement because they did give me strength. 🙂

    i would like you to explain some part of the reading to me if you don't mind... when you wrote 'feeling changes' does it mean that you are feeling changes coming or that the feeling (of sadness) is changing?:)

  • There was a shift in the flow of the reading...There was something new or different coming and I felt like you wanted to rush at it... a reaction too something and just jumping in..I was trying to say slow down, look at it, think on it....make sure before just jumping in....

    In the flow of the reading my writing makes sense...then I look back later and go I still have growing to do in writing, sorry about that.

  • you do not need to be sorry, i just wanted to make sure what you meant... you do help Tarot-nick, thank you and happy Christmas! 🙂

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