• Patchlove,

    I'll pick up on your feelings,

    i always like it when it starts off happy, you are feeling happy and content

    something new is going to start

    i get the feeling you are going to be able to will it and organize it seems you are good at that

    i guess you were a little nervous to start it...deep breaths...feels good

    ok something just gave you the caution...a friend or what you thought was a friend

    there will be contentment and happiness

    there will be a younger guy who is not nice or can be mean

    you have been worrying about someone that wasn’t fair...fighting and sadness

    You have a friend who is what I call gruff but has a good heart

    you have two people watching over you...i feel love and protection...its nice

    your happy and something new is starting…looks like you heart took a little bump but there is love around you…

    Hope that helps,


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