Convinced i'm destined to be alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so serious :(

  • I have been dating for quite some time but have yet to find anyone that wants to be serious. im beginning to think i am cursed when it comes to relationships. I truly i'm destined to be alone. no one could possibly have this much bad luck when it comes to foreseeable future looks pretty lonely. i am the only single girl out of all my friends i have started to isolate myself from them.

    So tired of being alone, tired of being used, under appreciated, and disrespected. I am a 36 yr old Capricorn woman who has dated ages from 28 to 44, i even switched up on my preference when it come to features and appearance i went for the inner but got nothing but selfish ass holes.

    I really would like some advice.

  • Paradoxically, once you accept the "alone forever" situation and it starts feeling ok being on your own, the right people will get attracted to you. Desperation attracts desperate cases. When you start feeling genuinly excited about yourself and your own life (hobbies, projects etc), other equally happy, balanced and interesting people will want to spend their lives with you.

  • May I ask how are you meeting the people that you are dating? If it is online I would stop doing that for a while, a lot of people misrepresent themselves and your radar may not be fine tuned at spotting that. I think Voply Soply has a point. I have been on my own for a long time and it is not a bad thing at all. "Better alone than in bad company". Also, you must believe it is coming for you for it to happen. Deep down I do feel like I am not ready for something like that yet and therefore it doesn't happen. Do not settle for just anyone by being with someone you are not naturally attracted to. It will happen once you are ready. You must change your belief!

  • I have met them online and just out in about I've met them every where friends have even set me up. I agree with you as far as settling that's why it only last for a couple of weeks or months because their true colors tend to show after awhile and I see I wouldn't be happy with them so I end it. I think I need to work on patience. I try to be positive its just hard sometimes. Thanks you guys.

  • I recommend you to watch: "The Secret"

    Its a great movie about the law of attraction.

    it will help a lot 🙂

    And I agree with VoplySoply

    When you look desperately we don't find what we need

    Then when we r not looking for it anymore it comes on it's

    on lol it's kind of annoying but that's life xDD

  • Indeed, desperation will attract the desperation. We must get content alone and align to out own inspiration first.

    Has anyone really sufficed significant results from the 'secret' ?

  • confusedzodiac - I am so sorry that you have been alone. I know how you feel. My children are almost 14 and 10 and I have been plodding along. But it's not really ok. My new husband ( been together almost 2 years ) is completely an angel. I just remained positive. I knew it would happen, as soon as I stopped looking for it!

    Ariel360 - I have not ha much success with the secret, but this love spell here I have had great success with this love spell which helped get me my current husband.

    In fact, I find all the spells for Love generally work if you have the right intention.

  • Thank you for sharing. I was asking more along the lines of manifestation in general. Thank you for sharing though and glad you have attracted something special.

  • Hi Ariel,

    I am amazed about certain synchronicities/manifestations that have happened in my life recently. Almost freaked out, but in a good way. I believe everything is interconnected at a certain level, and that's just a scientific fact (quantum physics).

  • 🙂

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