For Astra, some changes again

  • Hi Astra how are you? I am doing just fine, still looking for a apartment but I have started a new diet and working out at the gym and I feel so much better already 🙂

    But, I would like to ask for a upate regarding T and the other woman, it´s like this, two of mine and his friends are graduating from the swedish version of college this june and I am invited to their graduationparty, the ow´s friends are invited but she isn´t, so I just wonder if something has changed between her and T? Because I think it´s kind of strange she isn´t invited

    They are still inviting me and stuff which I didn´t expect 😛

    Love Gabi( Rocks)

  • Hi sosweetme

    I am fine thanks! Hope all is well with you, you sound good to me, life maybe is settling down a little, I know you will find something soon for an apt.

    I looked at the situation with T and the other lady a couple of times, two different spreads, and yes the cards do seem to show something there, like maybe it isn't working out.

    Past is 7 pentacles. present is 7 cups. Those are la-la land cards nothing happening.

    With the 7 cups is the 5 wands, not much happening in their shared path, it is changing or something.

    Above 9 swords, a lot of thoughts on the 7 cups, so I think the relationship is under scrutiny right now. Below is 4 pentacles which is more nothing happening (physically).

    Ahead is the Empress, I think there is some nurturing ahead like they try to work things out, or something however it seems to remain an 'issue' up for review (Justice near future).

    The rest of the cards are sorta grim as relationship cards to me.

    I would say for all practical purposes it is over with T and the OW or over soon. I think he really still has a thing for you Gabi, I saw you show up in the earlier cards, as a queen of wands (*i think the other lady has been showing up as a queen of pentacles).

    The earlier reading was ending with a page swords, and that spoke to me as some communications between you and T!

    I hope that helps! Hope you get that apartment soon!


  • The other cards after the Justice card is

    the Hermit - the Tower - The Devil.

  • Hi Astra!

    Okay, thanks 🙂 Yeah I hope I get a apt soon to, I need to get my own life and own home, get away from my mom so I can breathe.

    Hmm, well he is away now so I guess that´s why nothing is happening between them...I willl write the first letter at the end of this month to him. Wish me luck Astra..

    It does help alot 🙂 I thought it was so strange she wasn´t invited to the party but her friends are 😕

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