Help with interpretation, please!

  • Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I am hoping for some help with a tarot spread interpretation. I used a spread that i found online here:

    it's around reconnecting with a partner and the spread uses a door as a metaphor for the relationship which i found fun.

    1 - My motivation 'Ten of Cups'

    2 - What we had 'Seven of Pentacles'

    3 - What we had 'Kind of Swords'

    4 - What action do i need to take 'The Sun'

    5 - Main obstacle 'Two of Swords'

    6 - Outside influences 'Strength'

    7 - What lies on the other side of the door 'Hanged Man'

    8 - What lies on the other side of the door 'Three of wands'

    9 - What lies on the other side of the door 'The Chariot'

    10 - The Key 'Eight of Cups'

    My interpretation may be way off but what i am seeing is: The action i need to take is to remain positive and be clear about what i want. What is keeping the door shut between us is that neither of us are willing or prepared to deal with the situation. To me that would suggest that i need to face the situation and perhaps express my desires but then i am confused because at the end, card number 10 'the key' or the card that represents how to unlock the door for the relationship, suggests that i should give up and move on.

    The other area i have no real idea is the 'outside influences (6)' card. Strength, I'm not sure what that could mean

    Like i said i could be way off so does anyone have any ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi vanniapple

    I saw your post and will share what seems to be suggested!

    Your motivation is happiness fulfilled, and it is also a new beginning in that area also (implies reconnection to me).

    You shared a pause of the physical realm with this person and it was intellectually stimulating. The 7's I tend to see as 'dreamy' types of things, so you and this person must have also shared something "dreamy" materially? Not sure what that was. You "had" this though between the both of you whatever it was/is.

    Your action sounds correct for sure, stay positive, New day! The Sun is sort of a "out of our hands" kind of thing, so you should enjoy the sun while you wait (for the outcome).

    Obstacle, 2 of swords. 2's to me are saying "yes" to something, or an agreement. The 'obstacle' then would seem to be something blocking or hindering agreement at this present moment. However that may simple be not the right timing quite yet. The Sun seems to want to imply the right day will bring the chance to affirm that swords *(whatever it was/is) and then I bet you things would get going again.

    The Outside influences I tend to imagine that being some greater love "force" from "out there", the universe, helping in this way. And Strength simply helps you stay strong! Hold you ground ideas, keep steady and resolute.

    What lies on the other side is Hanged man, 3 of Wands and The Chariot. In my deck i use these all 3 have wands in them, so the "otherside" is A PATH together is how I would interpret it.

    Reflection, growing path concerns, and all of this being carried along by the Universe in whatever way is nice (chariot) sounds like it picks up steam though! I think being able to reflect and talk about path choice and all that, seems to be a part of the 'reconnecting' which I would say from the cards is affirmiing that.

    The "Key" is the 8 of Cups, and the 8's are all about expansive, sort of strong developing energies near the end of the series. 9 is the completion. So the 8's get moving to attain whatever the 9 represents.

    So I am guessing there is 9 of Cups in this reading that is not showing because that is a deep wish in your heart. So the "key" is that you are heading for a 9.

    And, you get your wish!


    How is that? I thought all of your cards were wonderful! I am sure things will work out for you with the help of that beautiful Sun in the sky! 🙂

    love and blessings,


  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you so much for your insight, and just at exactly the right time too. It's easy to start feeling hopeless but your interpretation has given me that little spark I needed to stay on task. Intuitively I feel like it will all come together so it's nice to have that little reminder to listen to your heart.

    Thank you again and warm wishes

    Vanni 🙂

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