Help please

  • Please help me ! I need some clarity and direction , I have been stuck for a long time and things have just continued to get worse.

    Now in regards to my husband I feel I have lost him. not sure if theres another but the pain is suffocating and I need to make decisions now but I cant see through the pain and doubt.

    I really need help I beg you if you are reading this please help me. Please.

    my # is 423 - 9 six 3 - 3 nine 4 6

    my email is ebay(.)pixsy(at)yahoo(.)com

    thank you soo much

  • Hi pixsy,

    If the situation is causing so much pain and doubt that you aren't sure what to do is definitely time to draw back emotionally and step back away from the relationship so that you can get your bearings. Especially if you are emotionally so distraught it is suffocating your individual being.

    What do you mean....being stuck? Why? What is keeping you stuck? And for how long have you been feeling this way?

    How do you feel about the way you are acknowledged by him?

    Lets get back to how you are feeling ....not because of him....but because of his actions that are making you feel this way. What is hurting you?

    Dont give up on you pixsy.

  • Hi pixsy,

    I'll pick up on your feeling to hopefully help you see from a different perspective.

    Its ok to feel enjoyment for just you

    your at a place where things are stationary...not happy, a feeling of being stuck

    some money comes in...but it won't last long...

    a new opportunity is coming

    You had a hint of it recently...i feel a change coming

    there have been struggles and disharmony (from above its your husband)

    you are going to feel restricted and be indecisive

    you have been worrying about someone being distrustful, harsh...I'm getting he hasn't been very nice

    but i am also getting that you seem to give it back to him...its almost like oh yeah two can play that game....

    all of that tension has put a strain on the relationship...causing you to be indecisive

    and in the end that could leave you making a bad decision...I am feeling spite...

    I feel that things are tough…sad and angry… somehow you need to see your way out of it. Feeling stuck and being indecisive will not help you think clearly. You need to look deep and set a goal. Start small and achieve it, then set other goals. Good thing is something new is coming and that was a good feeling…work off that. If you can find a way to let the hate go…it only eats you up inside…free yourself of that and things always look better….

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick for offering a bit more clarity


  • I have a habit of leaving the thread open while I do the reading. You answered before me but after I had open it up...

    hopefully talking will let her see her way to a clear goal and work thru her problem

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