Hello All! Im new to this but I need some insight.

  • I feel like as of late Ive been wading in a river of conflicting sides or like a bipolar moments. Normally I keep reserved when it comes to people and especially my ex. But as of late the ex has been making appearances and his appearances I feel are putting me in turmoil especially with my personal life and how i deal with friends. Me and my ex have been broken up for a year and yet from time to time we speak and things such as hooking up go off from there. However, after things take its course we end up not speaking for months on end. Lately, I just feel like everything is just falling out of control, I dont know how Im supposed to feel ( im feeling detached and sometimes angry with most personal situations and my peers) and now I am left standing alone because of my lack of emotion or my bad attitude as of late. I really do not know how to proceed and I dont know why all of sudden I am going through this (especially with my ex). Thanks for listening and hopefully insight can be given to a desperate girl. My birthday is 2/21/1990 and my ex birthday is 9/23/1989.

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