Anybody please I just need a little

  • Please help me ! I need some clarity and direction , I have been stuck for a long time and things have just continued to get worse.

    Now in regards to my husband I feel I have lost him. not sure if theres another but the pain is suffocating and I need to make decisions now but I cant see through the pain and doubt.

    I really need help I beg you if you are reading this please help me. Please.

    my # is 423 - 9 six 3 - 3 nine 4 6

    my email is ebay(.)pixsy(at)yahoo(.)com

    thank you soo much

  • If you post your own and your husband's birthdates, I can see if there is any chance of reconciliation or if you should move on. What other decisions do you need help with?

  • my birthday is Oct 13 1974

    his is July 16 1973

  • What other decisions do you need help with?

  • Since neither of you puts love above ambition, romance is not particularly strong here. Sexual activities may be intense but there is usually no real love lost between you as neither of you can completely relax with each other.I mean, how much actual fun did you have while married? Your marriage was probably more of the practical and socially ambitious kind. You two are more often in conflict than in harmony with each other so I don't see any chance of a life long commitment occurring here. You do not enough have enough common ground on which to base a friendship. I see your roads parting for good, but you making way for a much more compatible partner to come in.

  • i have been with him 20 years, i cant bear the thought of life with out him , nor can i bear the thought of him with another..

    you are right , there has been more conflict than harmony but cant that change? please tell me if he is somehow seeing or begining with another and if you see any details about her. I have to fix this ... and if it cant be fixed i still need to know the truth. either way i cant move forward until i know what caused him to all of a sudden hate me.

    im panicking .. i cant stand this pain.. please help.

  • You think change will come after 20 years? I think you know the truth but cannot face it. Are you staying out with this man of love or fear of loneliness or poverty? Don't you think you deserve real love?

  • You are right ,, I am so afraid of loneliness and the thought of trying to start again is beyond terrifying. BUT at the same time I do love him. 20 years is more than half my life.

    The thought of him with another woman tears me up beyond words,, the pain and sickness are simply unbearable, it literally throws me into a panic attack !

    I really dont know what the truth is, I mean I fear there is something or someone but than I feel it could be just my fears and insecurities.

    His behavior and disconnect from me screams there must be, but than I have to acknowledge the fact that there is no missing time in which he could. Unless he is lying about when he gets off work.

    He swears their is nobody he is even talking to but admits lying about who he sees at work. He says because its easier than dealing with any questions.

    But it is also true that he left out of the blue about 10 years ago (literally went to work and didnt come back) for a girl he was getting marital advice from at work.

    He came back 6 weeks later when she didnt leave her husband.

    He has stayed home from work for the last 10 days but he is as distant as one could be even sleeping on the couch upstairs. He seems very short and very frustrated even yelling at the animals for little things.

    I dont know whator exactly when this all started again except within the past 6 months...

    I feel like his reasoning is plausible but than what is causing the distance and what is the reason my insecurity fired back up??

    Does this make any sense, I really need help seeing through this because if there isnt someone I will lose him to fear and if there is someone and I knew that for sure I believe it would allow if nothing else room for a decision one way or another..

    I feel absolutely desperate and again stuck in complete darkness.

    Please help, I just need answers and truth.

    Thank you

  • Pixsy, this is not something a psychic or anyone else can sort out for you. You have to talk this out with your husband and make him be honest with you. Otherwise leave him, because if a relationship doesn't have sharing and honest communication, it has nothing. Just hanging on hoping a miraculous solution will just fall into your lap will not work. You have to get answers from your husband about why he is turning away from you and what he wants to do about it. Better to know the truth now when you can maybe work something out than to find out when he leaves. You have to be courageous about this and not hide from it.

  • how do i get the truth from him? I have asked questions but the little bit of answers if any at all are not really answers. and than like I said he admits to lying about the women at work, but says its because I would just ask more questions if he admitted to seeing them there..

    I know Im pathetic I cant imagine what you must think of me.

    I do think a psychic or someone who can see through their 6th sense etc would be able to help. it would at least give me a sense of what I need or should do. If I had the true answers I could make a decision, but not knowing the truth I cant.

    I dont want to be hurt anymore. If there is another woman I know its not fixable. but if there isnt than I know I am the one causing the problems and can work on fixing me and hopefully my marriage.

    I just need to know what the truth is.

    Captain can you see what is truth here? is there someone else ? im also wondering about his health , my health, our house and also were supposed to get a big settlement soon.

    all things that i cant tend to right now ,, mostly because i dont even know if i should be looking for a place for us or just me. but also trying to focus on anything is very useless because all thats on my mind is what is going on with my husband and will he even be there in the immediate and far future.

  • Pixsy, I posted a reading for you about a wk ago. Wanted to let you know.

  • oh thank you Daliolite, where can i find that?

  • The truth is your husband is not satisfied just being married to you. He has a roving eye that may never stop. If there is not another woman now ( and I don;t feel there is), there will be one day. He constantly lies to you - and tries to justify it by saying it's for your own good. Is this the type of life you want for yourself? Is it really better than being alone? Don't you deserve better? You will never be happy with or able to trust this man.

  • no this isnt the life I want, but it is better than being alone. if im not enough for my husband of 20 years how will i ever be enough for someone else??

    if he isnt talking to anyone else than i am to blame.

    Is that what does cause the roaming eye and the lies? I mean is there anything I can do to be enough and make him happy?

  • no this isnt the life I want, but it is better than being alone. if im not enough for my husband of 20 years how will i ever be enough for someone else??

    if he isnt talking to anyone else than i am to blame.

    Is that what causes the roaming eye and the lies? I mean is there anything I can do to be enough and make him happy?

    we have to move within the month,

    he has implied that he wants to move back to the old house and start fixing it. it was totally thrashed . he knows i wouldnt reasonably be able to live there. nobody really should live there right now (its that bad) what do you see happening? i dont have a bunch of options.

    i am supposed to win a big settlement in august. do you see anything about that?

    thank you for taking time and caring. The truth sometimes hurts but is necessary . I am devastated & feel dead inside, pain so bad it cant be described! BUT knowing someone cares enough to help me and be honest makes me feel that im not all alone, it means more than i can put into words. thank you

  • I think it is not love that keeps you with your husband, but fear. The disatisfaction is something your husband must own, it is not because of you but because of some inner issue in himself where he is never satisfied with anything or anyone. He is looking for something that he should look for in himself - completion. It will never come from anyone else. He must complete himself by discovering what it is he really wants because he doesn't know yet - because he doesn't know himself well enough to know what will make him happy. He is a "grass is always greener somewhere else" sort of person.

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