Investigation with remote veiwing assistance .......?

  • There must be someone in authority you can send the evidence to - what about the office that was fraudulently supposed to have sent you a document? They were be distrubed to know someone is faking their paperwork.

  • 'would be disturbed'

  • I went through appeals process and Bagley covered, got clammy too when he saw the document. He set me up and gave me the wrong info to send the appeal as well. I have that on the record too. Tried to get a hold of the president but Ms. Pruss the vice president keeps stalling and I am unsure if she relayed my chronology report. What do you think if I did go to the local police.

  • Is there an industry ombudsman who could make enquiries on your behalf?

    Also I must warn you that I feel this woman- who is very unstable - could turn physically violent to you if you go public. Wait just a few weeks when I feel justice will catch up with this nasty pair before putting anything on youtube.

  • You could ask for advice from the police about how to proceed.

  • Ombudsman? I got a image of Michele coming after me to harm in subconscious if I exposed her, that is why she teamed up with Frank as well, she needed me away from the campus.

    I could ask the police, I am unsure about them though as Kelly is also a town officer and she got involved.

    Irony: since homeless and unemployed I have got to take a few odd and end jobs here and there though to keep my car and phone. I just started a one week and a half job helping a military vet post surgery with home/care/errands and he lives in the town this all went down in and next to the police department.

  • I feel this will all have a good outcome for you in the end.

  • Thanks again.

  • I ended up making a report with the campus police. I never even though about that. Local law enforcement advised me to try them.

  • Good for you! Let me know the outcome.

  • I sent them chronology reports and the last one was today. I am going to wait for a response by Monday evening. If I have no response, I will go in to the department. I am only about three blocks away. I drew a celtic and got the 5 swords as the near future in the situation and Ace wands as the advice. Outcome was wheel of fortune, but those outcomes are not always static. I will let you know.

    You may be able to add some wisdom to this. I have been unemployed now since December 19th of 2012. No job has landed and I am close to a financial bottom. I have done all the practical things and even try visualization. What could I be doing wrong?

  • You are distracted by this issue and cannot give your job-hunting your full concentration and energy.

  • cords need to be cut now.

  • I appreciate you hearing me out. I have really taken a look at my time on a job hunt and I do not think it has been infracted. I have actually logged my activity and I have spent a good three days a week on job hunting and interviewing. I have also went to a career counselor and have revised my resume as well. I have gone on many interviews as well, probable about 30 now. I do not even really think of this college thing all that much anymore. For awhile had some hope I would get some justice but their are some unfairness and imbalances in the universe I guess. Some people get away with terrible things with no consequences. At least I have a clean conscious.

  • I can't help you then.

  • Help is not a matter in this circumstance. The universe either supplies or it does not. I have done all the necessary things in order to get a job. Maybe forgetting it will work. I think I may try to do nothing for awhile. It is inevitable that all people have hardships while they hold down a job or need to work. A hardship outside of work is not enough excuse to block me from a job I deserve to have.


  • Got a job today:)