Investigation with remote veiwing assistance .......?

  • I am investigating a case and have gotten all evidences and legally obtained. I have one last piece of evidence to get to prove an affair and also to help the husband have evidence he needs. I have received several images from remote viewing and the image of the car has checked out. A dark blue almost black 4 door SUV.

    These two people Frank now age 30 and Michele age 47 had an affair and created fraudulent documents to get a student falsely arrested.

    They have stayed a hotel, met at a few dinning places and a parking lot.

    Stone-yard Grill has come up in meditation, images

    The Gally is a dinning place

    Strength, Queen of Coins and Pope for details about the place.

    Any help in narrowing down the place where there is evidence or a witness would be appreciated.

  • I am getting they have a favourite bar they frequent together. The bartender would know them. It is about halfway between where each person lives and may be or be near a topless bar/strip joint.

  • The landing strip is a bar near the airport and that would be about half way for each. The landing strip is a bikini bar.

  • Thank you so much Captain. I have already seen that many request your guidance. Do you also work as a psychic?

    I pulled one more tarot card and have gotten this card 2x already for a clue card to help narrow down what place they were at. 3 of Coins.

    One of them or another party also typed up a warrant letter to this student. The warrant letter had no legal signatures, case number and the spelling off. The student called police but they could not find a warrant in their system for her name. I think it may have also been fraud. Michele also did know about it the day it was typed.

    Thank you,

    If there is anything I can do for you let me know.


  • These people deserve to be caught out.

    I do work as a psychic but I never charge a fee.

  • I am not a tarot card reader but the 3 of coins makes me think of slot machines. I know the card often shows a cathedral and religious people.

  • PS I believe the card also indicates two people working as a team. Sounds like they are both culpable.

  • Yes they worked together and I got a clairaudience when I got an image of them in Michele's SUV. "we got her, we did it, we got her he-he"

    They framed a female student.

    I have been trying to get the evidences I need for the past year.

    I need to find out who typed the warrant and filled the accusatory form at Sweden town court. No one legally authorized any, no signatures on any and the warrant 'letter; came in mail. Confirm the affair. I have proof that Michele fraud documents through the college and conspired with Frank. Michele also had a religious prejudice and abused this girl (evidence) earlier because she admitted she did not believe a nun who has been exploiting prisoners.

    I am going to head out tonight to investigate bars.

    The female is an Aries and the male is Cancer.

  • I asked guides have I been to this place they have met and they send me page of coins image, I may have worked there...or been there.

  • I hope you find what you need to bring justice to this devious pair.

  • Went to Mckenzies Irish Pub near Classy cat strip club, no-go. Went to the landing strip bar, no-go but the bartender on when I went only works one day a week. I may go back. I am without income and have been homeless on and off for a year, I have about a week to get this. Thanks for all your help.

  • Yes I felt it wouldn't be the right bartender at first.

  • I also saw an image of a shamrock so I did think Irish pub early on. Rather than asking people who might be reluctant to talk, maybe you should just hang out there to see if the couple comes in.

  • Good Idea:) I do not think they are together anymore, this was going on in April-May of 2012. They were using each other to frame the student. They both had motives. Landing Strip is not Irish. If you saw a shamrock, then it must be Irish. Great incites. I also keep drawing the Pope card for what this place is and how it stands out from others. A specific group or tradition about this place.

  • I am feeling the woman made a big mistake that caused the man to pull away from her. They were strong together but now it will all start to come apart. Their secret will be revealed quite soon.

  • He is no longer at the college as she is and he has been apart from her. I am unsure how it will be revealed and how that revealing (evidence) would get back to me. I do not mean to be doubtful but it may be out of my hands and out of league to obtain evidence of the affair. Sadly a local law enforcer (Female) also got involved and specifically with Michele. I cannot even go to law enforcement to have them questioned separately, where then they could get the truth. I have the female law enforcer on a recording, video and email to a account of Michele to also prove motive.

  • I feel they will be brought to justice by their own mistakes. This is the year of dark secrets coming to light and people who have been operating in a corrupt manner to be exposed and punished. Just look at how many people have been exposed in the news this year.

  • Ok. I did not want to draw and seem in pity but that student who got framed was me. I have lost all my reserves and am alone in NY with no family or husband so it has put me to the ground literally. I have been getting nothing but small temp jobs that are for a week or two and going months unemployed and have lived in may car for quit a bit since this has happened. I lost all my college credits I paid for at that college and am sufficing all the loans to pay off as well. Michele frauded a document and eventually got Frank to conspire to file false reports and accusatory forms to then use that to get me expelled from the college after I had put in 3 quarters of the semester. The cost of the attorney fees and gas living in my car, pulling of all my reserves has wiped me out. I have received not one ounce of justice from this. I may expose this case via youtube in order to get dome justice and closure. I just wish s decent job would land so I could have security again as I had before all this happened. In NY the job market is very poor. I have put out applications every day and spent much of my resources on travel and interviews and no job yet. I have appealed through the college , gone to president and BBB but they college keeps dodging to address this issue. I am out of money for an attorney to address the college issue. A youtube video seems as if this will be my only form of justice. I signed up for police exam in January but still waiting on the exam date, it is not a guarantee but it would be a stable career. Thanks for all your help and advice.

  • Yes I thought you were the student involved. I wouldn't put anything on youtube as you could be sued. Speaking of suing, have you consulted a free legal aid service to see if you could sue the troublemakers for all that you have lost?

  • Yes. No legal aid for this issue. I could do youtube because I have all the evidence to prove. I just cannot say anything about the affair.

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