Seeking a tarot reading please

  • Hi Everyone,

    It's my birthday in about a week's time. I'm in a good place, albeit slightly on the verge of feeling burnt out at times. I guess I'd just like a tarot reading to see if I'm on the right path / how I can best utilise the energies of the year (or 6 months?) ahead.

    If anyone is keen on giving a stranger a reading, I'd love to hear from you 🙂 Thanks!

  • Hi rubythursday,

    I pick up on your feelings to help you see it from a different perspective,

    Your feeling restless and in a need for a change

    Things are a little muddled and having a little trouble with a relationship

    There is tension in the relationship, some indecision, seems to be throwing things off

    Your going thru a pause…taking a breath…building up your strength so you can fight on

    Seems like the fight was recent and you lost control or got real pissed

    This doesn’t affect who you are though, know that you have a good heart and can accomplish what you need

    There is a bump in the road coming, something you may have tried to start has a rough start

    The guy you have been worrying about has a lot of energy and has a good side but also he is just as strong in the negative aspect

    A warning not to be indecisive or mopey, believe in yourself, set a goal and go for it

    Things will work out, it may take time, have good thoughts and pray

    Enjoyment will return and an old friend may pop up

    Key here that I felt was don’t lose who you are and believe in yourself, and with the guy just remember there are two sides to a coin, don’t overlook the bad because you like the good, its one coin head and tails….

    hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick,

    Thank you for your time. Being restless and in need for a change definitely makes sense to me.

    As does the bit about believing in myself - I needed to hear that things, although slow, will work out. I've set many goals for myself this year, have been furiously busying myself to try and reach them, and I guess at times doubt my abilities / doubt my path.

    interesting about the relationship bits though as I'm currently single and don't really have a guy in mind. Broke up with my ex (a kind, wonderful person) about 2 months ago because it just wasnt right anymore.

    Thanks again for your reading 🙂

  • good, don't question yourself, know you can do what you need to do. Sometimes it's just time... when we are in it, it seems so slow and takes forever...look back and say where did the time go...

    The guy thing, if you broke up then you saw the flip side of the coin I was hinting at....that’s good. Keep that in mind in future relationships....always learn what you like and what you need....and what you don't need. I'm guessing he is still on your mind but glad you solved it.

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