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  • Dal, I had an extra ordinary cat that his name began with "M" for over 20 yrs. he passed away last year. I often felt that he was a spirit in the body of a cat. His sole purpose to be with me. He was something. I think of him and miss him every day too. I was going to ask you about him before I asked you for this. He came though as M. I am sure of this.

  • Znl, Yes. I get animals a lot. (Sorry) was he fat because he's assoc w/food.

  • No, but maybe food for thought :).

    He sure is this morning to me. Lol

  • Ok, thinking here. He ate everything and drank everything especially if I was doing it. Strange things for a cat.

  • He had to have a bite or a drink of all things.

  • Znl, He actually felt like a member of the family. If you made it, he wanted it. Anything assoc w/you was good. I didn't actually see a fat cat but M is brought-up around pans and dinner table. I thought perhaps he was fat.

  • Yes, the only thing he did not think was that he was a cat.

    Yes, he sure ate human food and all kind of fruits and veg. Etc. he wanted to try a bite at least.

  • Dal, is it possible that when someone close to you dies that their spirit will manifest itself in the body of a pet to be around you?

  • Willow6779,

    I actually pulled your cards days ago. I thought I was caught-up but wasn't. I think you both have your critics--king of swords foundation, knight of swords. Did you meet her at work or thru a friend at work. I see her as a soft, nurturing type--queen of cups. The situation is such where you actually don't know quite where she stands. This is bringing-on brooding tendencies with you. I caution you not to proceed full-throttle. Queen of wands is blocked (your plans.) Ace of wands is challenged. So, this path, road to happiness represented by the start of the Fool's journey 0 is stopped by the High Priestess. For now, keep as friends. You don't know her true intentions and there's an indication (to me) that she wants a more traditional relationship. Things will be to your benefit if you look before you leap--Fool/High Priestess paired.



    present--high priestess

    below--king of swords

    situation--knight of swords

    past--queen of cups

    challenges--ace of wands


    blocks--queen of wands

    friends--knight of pentacles

    advice--10 of cups

    outcome--7 of coins


    I met her at her work. Your readings is on point. I've decided to just keep my distance from this and if its meant to happen it will. I was extremely frustrated with the whole situation. I was also involved with someone recently so they are kinda causing me stress since

  • Znl, If you're asking me, I'd say no. You prob have a personality/temperment that is good around cats. For example, I find it hard to be around cats because they literally won't leave me alone. I've read where owls and cats are compared in spirit. I don't know about this. As a psychic, I find cat symbolism quite different than the animal. I find cats very loving. In symbolism, to me, it CAN represent secrets, lies, gossip--if the person is around that.

  • MeliMel15, I will begin chaneling for you tomorrow morn. It usually takes about a day.

  • Melimel15, First, I want to say that I'm drawn to the color white. Not sure exactly why. The last time that I chaneled for someone and was drawn to white the person had missed a wedding. He's showing me the word "Day". White flowers. You had mentioned father's day. Can you relate to a certain day. Can you relate to peaches. Are you from or can you relate to a Northern state, perhaps Michigan. This is interesting--I see a leaf but if you put the two middle edges together, if forms a butterfly. Why is there something sharp or pointed pointing at me. Reference to a house, not strong but it's like you had a vacation or smaller house. The word COFFEE. Co. and initials F and E?? Ascension. I wanted to share this quote w/you. I will see what else I pick-up as I haven't left the house yet.

    Our Roots are Intertwined

    With their last breath

    those we love do not say good-bye--

    for love is timeless.

    Instead, they leave us a solemn promise

    that when they are finally at rest in God,

    they will continue to be present to us

    whenever they are called upon.

    Let us fear not, nor grieve

    beyond letting go the departure

    of those we have greatly loved,

    for in the Tree of Life

    their roots and ours

    are forever intertwined

    Verse from "Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim"

    by Edward Hays