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  • Daliolite, Thank you!

    Yes, i want so much relations, and i have now a friend, but things are so strange with him((, so probably it is about this "know when to walk away"? And yes the most concern is my job, that i need to find. In past i had a job where there was team work,and there was really a lot based on expectations. i do not want to work in the same type of job any more, but as i have experience only there, i thought that may be i should try to start again the same job (although i don't want it!) , but i can't find another job, that i will like .

    And your words about groups, may be it is an advice that i should not do the same job as in past and should search? Is it better for me to work alone, not a team work? (i was thinking really about teaching, but not now, maybe with experience) or consulting job, i think it can also relate to teaching?

  • and two of cups - does it mean that love will come? Or this is only reflection of what i want?

  • ram/aries unsure, white pants i have pic of great grandfather in white pants only person i can think of that owned them but will ask if my dad did, i think i had a miscarriage in feb never went to docs bc i was worried didnt want to accept it all due medication i was taking, and for the last two months the doc thought i was pregnant till we had ultrasound and no baby confirmed it, arrows i dont know i will think on it see if i can figure it trying to let go of my past releasing anger and other feelings with unblocking memories forcing myself to change my ways not that i was bad i just have hard time with loving others and i dont let ppl close......cory was first love and hate that i didnt allow myself to have him to be happy for that short time i think about him all the time its been 14 yrs i love his smile i still remember what he wore when i met him, theres so many ppl that have passed i will have to ask i dont know many aries though but great grandpa keeps sticking in my head

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  • Changes5, I was seeing the triangle as something pertaining to traffic. I also read that a triangle can symbolize a woman. I saw the white pants in a group of my symbols of people that had passed. The white stood out. I saw a definate image of a child that was miscarried. Definate sign that you should release.

  • Marishkaa, I see it as being a real need for you. But don't be too anxious. Test and see. Waiting is better.

  • im struggling with it its so much easy to leave the memories alone and pretend like its someone elses story and not mine. theres some things i dont want to remember but i am i met someone that is helping me a young man that i think was meant to be at my side during this its scares me im not going to lie i wanna run i was close off.....feelings of happiness and love are entering my life and its keeping a balance most days. my great gpa was a painter so white paints i was close to him i was three states away when he died and just cried and knew in my heart he passed. little boy i see the miscarriage i had than? i wish my dad would come thru i was 2 when he passed and im daddys girl......thank you so much hearing cory meant a lot n knowing hes with me sometimes especially in the car......caution of a woman? farming equipment symbol? mind body soul connection?

  • thank you so much finding closure with the ones who have passed especially my mom will def help with letting the chains break free off my wrist and ankles

  • Znl, I'll try and chanel your father today--

  • Changes5, Ok, a traingle is three-sided. Perhaps it's pointing to 3 people. I got a religious feeling when I saw the 3 different figures releasing. Two were like girls releasing butterflies--I viewed this as you. The third one, I was coming home from the post office and there was this tall bush that looked identical to a monk (a green monk lol) looking up to the sky w/it's hands outstretched. There was a holy feel to the whole reading. When I start channeling I usually see figures, pictures of people etc. pointing upwards. I call this ascension. What I get when I chanel is that any child this is lost, miscarried etc., is with family members in the spirit realm. There is an older person w/this child. Because I see symbols can't really tell you who this person is. Does someone have a large/long nose. I got the overall feeling that they want to tell you that there is something more up there as these 3 figures are looking up to the sky.

  • Changes5, Thanks for staying w/me during this process.

  • Znl, I'm chaneling for you today. Hope you're still w/me

  • good morning! Been on for months on end and today is the first time my eyes are open to the forums......what's been blinding me!!!!

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  • dmick59, What did you dream.

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  • pklc1966, I think it's hard for a newcomer to find this forum. I like it, I think it's user friendly.

  • dmick59, Look for signs of his presence.

  • Thank you :).

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