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  • Thank you, take your time 🙂

  • Ariel360, Sometimes we can get too caught up in the drama--where do these people come from anyway--?? You have good cards.

  • The college I attended. I t was drama they created and I had to deal with it. I am owed and the are owed their consequences. It is in my hands as the King and the 7 confirms to defend my cause and a youtube video is the only way now. I at least deserve that. They also deserve to be exposed. especially since Michele is still employed to be able to do more harm.

  • Ariel360, I wish the best!

  • SmilerE,

    Completion in one area. Cycle of being over-extended drawing to a close. In your situation you've taken the stance of hanging-in there. This is part of your overall nature, I feel. Guard against not seeing the writing on the wall. Above the reading is truth coming to light. Page of swords over reading---don't know who this is pertaining to. Page is a truth seeker. This is a game changer for the reading in present. Did you speak-up or speak the truth recently or was it someone else. If neither apply, the truth needs to be brought out. Being alone/solitude is a challenge for you. Don't be held back by self-pity--4 of cups in present. You're battling dysfunction whether it be a relationship or career. Perhaps by trying to tame the beast, your losing the battle. The reading is speaking of a different path--sun/ace of wands. Starting over. See things for what they are and walk around or avoid in future dealings. Something here needs to be seen for what it is devil/justice paired. You'll have to explain the justice card in friends/assoc position. Look at things for what they are and move on. With page swords/justice you want the truth out, I feel. Take this opportunity to expand.


    above--page of swords

    present--4 of cups


    situation--9 of wands

    past--10 of wands





    advice--wheel of fortune

    outcome--ace of wands

  • jlinaangel,

    I'll start yours next..

  • Thank you so much Daliolite! Blessings to you in your day!

  • Thank you so much for your reading, it relates to me, having just relocated.

  • jlinaangel, I was on another website and saw a wizard of oz tarot spread and thought I would try it for you.

  • That's very cool, Daliolite - and wow are you psychic! My mother actually painted the bricks on the path to our old garage yellow for me! I mean, I had my OWN yellow brick road for real!

    And my friend got me a special boxed set of it on DVD one year - I had to watch it in black and white for the first say, 5 years it was out and then I finally saw it in color and just was in LOVE with Glenda! Thank you, and thanks for thinking of me.

  • jlinaangel, That's really creative the path to the garage. This spread was developed by a lady in Kansas and I thought it was really unique. I'll try to have it up by morning..

  • Thank you very much, no rush either. Yes and the funny thing I forgot to mention was I was in my 30's when she did it. She was a unique parent - they both were. They were those big 12" stepping stones 2 together about 20' long and on the sides she put red bricks with seashells cemented all over them.

    Sigh....that may be part of this pain, I was raised to truly believe there's no place like home, and now it's gone. But I have to find the way to keep looking ahead, you know, and leaving the past behind, too

    ....and my reader friend keeps telling me something I don't want to hear, so I'm really looking forward to whatever you have to say as dispelling or confirming it.

    Sleep well, my friend, blessings be.

  • Jlinaangel,

    Yellow brick rd/path to enlightenment/creativity--

    6 of swords--I usually draw this card when there is a physical move/change in location. I don't know if the bf in question actually moved. I see this as a change needed especially regarding words/ideas. Something not right in how something was presented.

    Dorothy--value/self/your part in situation--

    Ace of cups--Ace of cups is showing a new beginning. You're led by your heart/feelings/emotions. You've reached a plateau. It's hard to find someone who gives their "all" as you do. You would do well in an occupation to "better" something/to give.

    Lion--Courage/where you find courage--

    knight of swords--I drew a lot of male cards in this reading. You need a strong male presence/knight in shining armor. Be careful that it's not all words.

    Scarecrow--What you think about--

    Magician--A plan of action/Seizing the opportunity/making things happen. Another male card. This card trumps the previous card which makes me believe you're still searching for this.

    Tin man--love/what you wish for--

    King of swords--I believe there was a male who distanced. This is the part that is hard to understand for you.

    Glinda--who will help--You're only supposed to draw from court cards for this. I do computer generated so this can't apply. So this isn't accurate on who Glinda is, just part of reading.

    8 of swords--For some reason you feel trapped. There was a total lack of wands in this reading that concerns me about lack of path. Don't rely on other people/speak up. You're being shown as trapped by words.

    Wizard--advice--This is supposed to be a major arcana card--

    3 of swords--It is what it is. An emotional ending. There's a definite feeling here that you didn't know everything. Yesterday I was trying to get a psychic impression and there was something about relationship that was bound to end. Did it have something to do w/his family.


    Hermit--Well, this says a lot. You feel isolated and un-inspired. For someone who is so emotional being alone doesn't sound good. I think you need this time to re-group and see what really makes you tick. What really makes you happy.

    Wicked witch/shadow side/obstacles--

    Moon-This confirms the need to chart your path. You're at the beginning stages. Are you thinking about a move. One of your obstacles, I feel, is that you get into trouble by letting others lead.

    Kansas--your surroundings

    3 of cups--You're able to form loving/solid relationships. You were telling me about your family life and this shows. You want to re-create this. Are you a water sign.

    OZ--your inner world/subconscious--

    Knight of cups--This is confirming that a soulmate is what you are seeking. Knight of cups would be a very romantic type individual that would be very compatible for you. I'm concerned regarding YOUR path, however. There's a tendency to idealize relationships. This is because you're a hopeless romantic, I feel. Be cautious, be careful, but BE YOURSELF. You remind me of the princess who kissed a frog that turned into a prince.

    Emerald City--what you aspire to/direction--

    Another 8 of swords--I'm going to ask for clarification. I thought about doing an i-ching for you as well. This is a very stagnant card for you. My advice here is to break-out and be yourself. Hope this helps--let me know.

  • Libraluli,

    I'm going to try and channel for you, give me a couple of days, ok.

  • Daliolite, thank you so very much! A lot of that is spot on - yes, the previous relationship was bound to fail, (all without asking me anything - but making me feel stuck after it happened as somehow I was to blame?!) he met me, left his wife, asked for a divorce.

    Then, she wouldn't give him one so they lived separately then she had cancer reocccur and passed away 6 years later - but somehow it was all my fault to his daughters (kind of understandable but they were grown women who knew he'd been miserable for 20 years, too) and they told him they'd rather he be dead than be with me, but he could be with anyone else. So he married someone 20 years younger who he told me was a lunatic "b." much drama, so much wasted time.

    So, now my friend thinks the deceased wife is trying to haunt me to go and try and break them up as new wife is rapidly running out his money and will leave nothing to his kids.

    Which I'm not at all sure I believe, and wouldn't do period. Instead I've been doing banishing, rescinding of outdated vows and revoking of magic in regards to him and all tied to him.

    I do know what you mean about my path - I can't find it.....but I do feel very happy and comfortable with the man I am with now, we live together very well. I just need to have some "cause" to devote myself to somehow, you know? That healing/healer instinct.

    The male cards was kind of funny, both because it is right on and because I always think of the magician as myself, or my significator - never really imprinted the card in my mind as being male - but then I get the High Priestess quite often too.

    Anyway, I am also wishing I could find a piece of real estate to rent out, not really thinking about moving, but it could happen? I'm an inactive real estate agent, so that's always kind of on the table for me.

    Plus I'm just an adventurer, smile.

    Thank you again - if there's something definite I can do, some definite action I can take to help clear this away, I'm open to it. Or to letting the "hidden" factors be revealed and somehow finding out what the information I'm missing is. It wouldn't surprise me at all if there was many things I don't know. and knowing, would probably really help put closure on it!

    I appreciate your time and the gift you give to everyone here, and hope it comes back in many blessings for you!


  • Oh, and I'm capricorn with strong scorpio moon. No one ever thinks I'm capricorn, though.

  • Thank you Daliolite....hopefully you will be able to get some messages for me!

    Many blessings,


  • Libraluli, There is movement with your brother. Indication is something he was doing/I'm getting walking. I'm getting flowers, he's acknowledging the flowers. Especially the red one. Winter time or ice/living the crazy life. I don't know who this points to. What is the walking or movement pertaining to.

  • Hello Daliolite, I can you see you have a special gift, and I can also see you are very busy with your Gift so when ever you have a chance I would like help or understanding of WHY I have been seeing AURA,S for appr 1 year......... and 2 months ago there where ORBS appearing to me in my living room They where of different colours black, soft pale red and beautiful light blue with a golden ring around them. there where many. I pushed the blacks away and they began to dessinagrate as if they where melting,I put my hand out in front of a red one as if I was holding a ball and it became transparent .. meaning ... lighter in color as I opened my fingers It stayed with me as I walked with it about 10 feet,Then the blue ones which where always there took over they became larger and where all around me. I WAS NOT FRIGHTENED AT ALL.. I DO NOT FOLLOW A SPECIFIC RELIGION ...BUT I HAVE ALWAYS HAD A FEELING OF SPIRITUAL AWARENESS,,,, AS A RESULT I AM VERY HUNGRY FOR MORE INFORMED KNOWLEDGE OF "WHY" AND "WHAT" THIS ALL MEANT. .. I AM A SENIOR, I AM JUST SEEKING AN OPINION FROM SOMEONE LIKE YOU, SO WHENEVER YOU HAVE A CHANCE I WILL BE GRATEFUL TO SEE YOUR REMARKS ON THIS TOPIC.... THANK YOU

  • Daliolite, I do leave flowers on the spot where he died in the desert every year and on his birthday and I also used to go to the cemetery quite this what the flowers are about?

    He lived the "crazy life"...kind of traveled to his own beat and ended up living as a free spirit in the desert and mountains. We came from up north....he lived in Milwaukee (very cold) before he came to California and then died here. I also lived in the northern part of Illinois.

    Walking or movement....I do not know...can you clarify anymore on that?

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