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  • Frank is a Sociopath and he knows I can expose him. He is also military. Michele had a bias and harassed me before he and her collaborated because I admitted I did not believe Sister Helen Prejean, a nun exploiting prisoners. Kelly is the town officer that got involved with Michele. Frank also had a plan to use people to recreate the 7 sins and he got a girl names Melissa on lust. He was provoking people through staling, harassment, emotional manipulation in order to get them to act in a way that he could solicit. I know Frank goes overseas, Japan and that could be the water thing or a place by the water they would stay. I am unsure if I can go to the local police because Kelly got involved and she is part of the police. I got a warrant letter in the mail and no legal authorization, signatures, case number and police dept. I called an male officer and he could not find a warrant for my arrest. I do not know who typed up that document still. I did contact the sub station and found out that no officer charged me with anything.

  • I mean the warrant(typed and sent me the document in my mail box on 4/4012)

  • The irony in this: since I have been unemployed/homeless I have gotten a few odd and end jobs. I just took a week and a half long job helping a male with care/home/errands who just had surgery. I military veteran who lives in the same town this all happened right on the side of the police department.

  • I am a life path 7.

  • Ariel360, I think I understood you to say that you're using tarot for the location of these people. I remember you saying the hierophant and strength. I want to point out that you're being called to a "higher purpose" like majorly, ok. This thing will iron out. You're wasting resources on it. Don't get me've been victimized. I don't know much regarding 7 and life path. Perhaps you can tell me more...Sometimes people who care end up as victims. Healthcare may be the outlet for you. I'm not saying it's drama free but there's work there.Don't follow people who've wronged you very long.

  • I am not ever going to follow them Was going to seek surveillance tape. No justice on this at all though...

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • I have much evidence and enough to expose it and prove it, may do a youtube video.

  • Ariel, Hopefully you can clear your record--right.

  • my record is clear. The courts are trying to cover this up and show face as well. I got my record all clear. There is no evidence or substance to their accusation. The 'phony' legal' documents were used to get me in duress and to use to get me expelled from the college.

    What do you think about the youtube video?

    Any awareness into who typed the warrant 'letter; and sent it. The same day it was typed April 2 Michele sent me another document and she claimed it was justified to a legal charge, she knew about the document the day it was typed and 2 days before I even got it.

    It is hard to accept, out about 14 grand, homeless in a city with a loss of 16 credit hours college, no family or husband. Did not qualify for shelters, must be drunk, drugged, with baby or batter woman syndrome.

  • I asked for guidance,

    recent influence was 3coins

    works against me is 8 coins (I take it as lack of work or money)

    I stand: King Wands

    works in my favor: 2 cups?

    Advice is 7 wands

    and outcome if I follow advice is 10Coins.

  • Daliolite, you asked about my mom, did my dad mention her?

  • Ariel360, You can do several cards and add the card numbers to get the trump card or major arcana card. For example say queen of coins in situation, page of wands in present and king of swords in challenges. Add numbers of 3 (4 or 5) cards to get the major arcana card as the advice.

    On the cards that you pulled, the 2 that stand out to me is the king of wands and 7 of wands. King of wands in self position is telling me that your in charge of the plans, etc. No one is more in charge of your destiny than yourself. In advice, I see you pushing down or fighting the very elements that help you. I love wands and like to see them in readings.

    As far as the channeling, I'm getting 2 sides. I think what I'm picking-up is pillow talk and it's hard to establish what's real and what isn't. I'll continue to let you know what I pick-up or feel.

  • Moonalisa, This morning as I was lying in bed I saw an image of a man's face and literally out of his mouth was the number 27. I don't know where this begins and ends but feel that I should prob move on. I'm glad that I got to channel your dad for you.

  • thanks again Daliolite:), if something comes to my head as far as the number i will let you know... one more thing, he must be happy where he is, right?

  • SmilerE (pg4) is next. I will take a couple days off and then start with smilerE.

  • Moonalisa, I just see him in the light if that answers your question.

  • 🙂 God bless you...

  • Daliolite

    When you have time can you please do a tarot reading for me around a longstanding health issue.

    I can wait.

    thanks for doing this.

    Love and Light

  • 7 of wands was my advice card to follow.

    I am unsure that any psychic guidance will be clear at this time, 'pillow talk'.

    I would not be putting so much into this unless I have been wronged and If I had wronged, I would have admitted to it and got it over. They screw*d me royal and effed up much of my life and it is still way off from this.

    There really is no help or hope in this other than a youtube video.

  • Thank you for your time. 7 of wands is the advice position for best course of action, I apologize I did not specify. I take it as self defense and defend my conviction.

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