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  • Pixsy,

    Yes. Have several ahead.

  • Moonalisa, I believe that your dad is showing me things. What's interesting to me is that a walker, hoverround or wheelchair is coming thru. When I first responded to you, the computer threw up a search page with these things on it. I'm also seeing a cork being popped like from a champagne bottle, wine etc. There's several numbers I'm seeing. The #2, possibly 27 is coming thru. Also, #5, possibly 45 is coming thru. Did you dad have a moustache or beard. Did something happen where he could no longer walk. I'm getting...With God all things are possible. Also, in my Father's house there are many mansions. Trees are coming thru as well.

  • Ariel360, I like your pen name. I like to go w/one post at a time. Mainly because I don't want to weave thoughts images w/anyone else. I did read yours along with Moonalisa. But I think I can remain separate. Give me a day or so on this. I can tell you right now is that I'm seeing an overhang over a door that extends. Kinda looks like the modern-deco designs. But I also see seclusion. Night time figures in as well.

  • Thank you Daliolite. Take your time. I am considering doing a youtube video on this case. I have all evidence but the affair yet. The framed student is me. I have lost all my financial reserves, lost all credits I attended college for and have been homeless for many weeks on and off in a poor economy from all this. It wiped out my reserves from the fees I have spent and now suffice the loans with no credits applied to my degree. These two worked together to file false reports and accusatory forms with the law first, Michele then used them to get me expelled and scapegoated at the college. I kept drawing the pope card for a significant trait of the place and yes the strength card for location, which is somewhere away from a town in seclusion. I have no money for an attorney, already had to have to for the appeal and legal issue. There is no legal aid for this type of case in ny. Thank you again.

  • Ariel360, I'm also getting that these people are dangerous or some of what they're involved in will get them into trouble. I'm seeing a gun. Can you relate to the #70. I'm also getting the perfect getaway--from them.

  • Ariel360, What was the motive behind all this w/them. I'm wondering about the gun. Was the police involved at any point.

  • Ariel, Getting water and taking-off. Please explain.

  • Dear Dailiolite, thank you very much:),

    the walker, wheelchair, hoveround do not tell me much to be honest. He died of a heart attack, in church during a mass. Everything happened very fast. He was fit till the end. When he was a young man he spent a lot of time in hospital but he was not immobilized either then or later. We often used to go for a walk, he and I. The champagne- maybe it means some kind of celebration, maybe he wants to tell me i should look forward to some good news or some positive event in my life? As for a beard and a moustache... as i remember him he was always clean-shaven but i know there was a period in his life when he had a moustache but it was for a short time. Trees... he loved nature, he loved being in a forest. 'With God all things are possible.' 'in my Father's house there are many mansions.' -actually it was so touching to read it... especially when you finish the extract from the Bible, 'if it were not so, i would have told you. i go to prepare a place for you.' i guess it may refer to my doubting nature.:) and that he is waiting there for me when the time comes... i will have to think about the numbers, for the time being none of them rings a bell but sometimes you have to wait a bit for an illumination moment to come... If there is anything else that you see Daliolite i would be happy to know... Thanks for your help.

  • Moonalisa, I thought, what better place to go (church during mass.) The bible passage was particularly strong yesterday. I thought it was sudden but was wondering why my computer was throwing this at me--is someone else perhaps in a nursing home or has such problems. I won't listen to my computer as it has a mind of it's own. I am not joking. I drew a picture of Obama & my computer automatically named it nono--lol. This is my first experience channeling on a broad scale. What is striking to me is how many "hearts" I see. I see hearts all over the place since I starting channeling here. Mostly in wood. Wood symbolizes family when I see it. All mediums are different and different things are symbolic to them. My younger sister passed approx 2 yrs ago. She was a wonderful person. One yr later my dad passed. I truly believe that she acts as an intercessor for me and the rest of my family. What age were you when he passed and his age..

  • When he passes he was 63 and i was 21... no nobody near me has such problems but this year i myself had serious back problems, the pain made it impossible for me to walk. I happened a few times this year. After i got reiki from LibraLuli the problems stopped so maybe it referred to me. it's interesting what you said about the hearts, it's a good omen i guess. 🙂

  • Moonalisa, I'm gonna research spiritual significanse of dying in a church. You know, it was so close to divine mercy sunday and it's still in the octave of easter.

  • ok, thanks for everything Daliolite. You know? He was also blessed at the beginning of his life as he was born at Easter, on 5 April, Sunday.:)

  • Moonalisa, Well, there's the 5 I mentioned. The #2 or 27--you can't relate? April is the 4th month 45 so my numbers correspond--right.

  • You are right, that could be it. But the second number doesn't tell me anything, it's not his birth year... he died on May 6... Hm, nothing comes to my mind right now. The only thing that i can think of is that he was 27 when he met my mum.:)

  • Moonalisa, I think he's validating w/numbers. What was his occupation.

  • a history teacher

  • Moonalisa, Not surprised. Dates are important with him. Also, a while ago he was showing me a horse-drawn carriage and a building that looks similar to a church. I like him as he likes to communicate.

  • Yes LOL he was a joyful person, he liked joking and generally liked being among people.:) He spent thirteen years of his marriage years in a village maybe hence the horse-drawn carriage and the church... well, where we lived together is very close to a church...

  • Moonalisa, Where is your mom. I wanted to mention that the number 27 came directly from his mouth, if you can relate. (2)

  • you mean where she is now? 🙂 she is with me, not at the computer but not far from me. The only thing that comes to my mind is he was 27 when they met.

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