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  • oh, NY not NYC. I am in Upstate NY:)

  • Hey Dal how are you? Busy lol

    Well just pop in to tell you that Im going back to my old job, the job I love to do (finally) going back home thats the way I feel, the angels and God have finally listened to my prayers, I guess everything happens for a reason and at the right time, I need to heal and being/doing what I love with persons that trully appreciate my work and love me will get me back on the track.

    I will move in the end of this month and stay there for 6 months (6 months of happiness), but since my current coworkers knew about this I started getting sicker; and I almost killed myself while driving to work cuz a tire burst, Im okay but the car fixing its very expensive :(, but all this to tell you that I felt my guides and angels with me again and they are back, I can feel it, I asked them to go back to my old job to heal myself and my wish was granted, while I was driving I asked God and my angels to protect and drive me and they did cuz I didnt do anything I just let them took over the steering wheel all I did was hold it and then take the car to a safe place and its a busy road and no one was diving in there at that time only me, this is Gods intervention.

    Can you just see what I can do to protect myself from being attack by others bad thoughts, cuz I do think I was a victim of bad energies. Oh another thought about what you said of two hearts, maybe I will get pregnant of twins??? Luvya God blessyou

  • MariaPisces, I'm glad that you're calling upon God and His Angels for protection. Continue to do this. I think you have psychic abilities and can sense people's negative intentions. Have faith that you're loved. I'll pray for your intentions.

  • im actually gonna be in the city if I go.....mixed feelings think I should then I don't want to leave the good ones behind just when I thought things were good I have a change a coming....I should be used to it now for nothing last too long but I think of the things ill miss and my friends....a gypsy soul has no time for this its a new adventure a new life another struggle....

  • ZNL, Hope you're still w/me as I'm going to try and chanel for you today. Prob have my impressions up later today..

  • Yes, no pressure Dal. Whenever. Thanks.

  • Znl, Wanted to communicate what I'm getting. May not be finished totally. I'm getting food assoc w/traditions. I'm seeing 3 to 4 figures. 3 or 4 figures in predominately. Were there 3 older people that lived w/you. 2 or 3 relatives that are significant w/ you. The word RUSH is coming up. I feel that there's a message regarding shoes as I'm drawn to shoes. Was he found somewhere. There's a pacific-northwest feel here. I'm being shown something that is hard for me to interpret. I feel it has to do with travel or going somewhere. It looks like a bridge. When I first saw it looked like a head-on train. Either way is assoc with travel. This image I'm seeing looks like the golden gate bridge. Initial M or W/I feel this initial is assoc w/food. Now, feel like it's W. Ascension.

    I have to go somewhere will be back later.

  • Hi Dali, Not sure if you would be able to help me today but I would to see if you could channel my father. Please let me know if you could help me.

  • Znl, Don't know if this pertains to you but thought I would mention it--someone who has passed is mentioning/showing bling--has a feminine feel to it. Diamonds.

  • MeliMel15, Yes, I can help chanel your dad. I'm not too backed up so should be soon. I'm thinking a day or so.

  • Willow6779,

    I actually pulled your cards days ago. I thought I was caught-up but wasn't. I think you both have your critics--king of swords foundation, knight of swords. Did you meet her at work or thru a friend at work. I see her as a soft, nurturing type--queen of cups. The situation is such where you actually don't know quite where she stands. This is bringing-on brooding tendencies with you. I caution you not to proceed full-throttle. Queen of wands is blocked (your plans.) Ace of wands is challenged. So, this path, road to happiness represented by the start of the Fool's journey 0 is stopped by the High Priestess. For now, keep as friends. You don't know her true intentions and there's an indication (to me) that she wants a more traditional relationship. Things will be to your benefit if you look before you leap--Fool/High Priestess paired.



    present--high priestess

    below--king of swords

    situation--knight of swords

    past--queen of cups

    challenges--ace of wands


    blocks--queen of wands

    friends--knight of pentacles

    advice--10 of cups

    outcome--7 of coins


  • Hey, take care of the others that you been who have posted after me. I don't need to channel for me. Take care.

  • Oh thank you so much Dali, I actually just replied to you on another posting. Hope you read it. and hope to hear from you

    thanks again!

  • Ariel360, I may start a thread regarding mystery, intent etc. regarding ones who have passed or missing. I have been in situations somewhat similar to yours. There may or may not be closure for you. You were not meant to go this route for whatever reason. Believe that things happen for a purpose.

  • Hi Dalliolite,Wanted to make sure that I reflect before responding.

    I often think about my father and grandmother and both have passed away. Pacific NW makes sense to me. There is a bridge I use often. Travel maybe makes sense too.

    He was not found somewhere. Bling and food do not have meanings or I am not understanding it.

    Could you maybe explain this "Now, feel like it's W. Ascension."?

  • Znl, Shoes are being brought-up and I don't know how to interpret other than walking or his shoes are now empty etc. Empty shoes--can you relate to this. I interpreted as something you might have found. Yesterday, saw a certain symbol that's significant w/me assoc with diamonds/female.I don't know where the diamonds come in perhaps it's her or your birthstone. Your grandma is coming thru. Money/bank possibly assoc with this. Did you all have family gatherings because that's what I'm being shown. That's where the food comes in. I'm seeing 3 figures w/you as a younger child. Did you prepare or help w/dinners.

  • He always enjoyed a good walk and liked shoes a lot. A man w great sense of style and taste. So that could be the shoes. I would interprete that empty shoes could mean nobody in the family was able to fill his shoes.

    There was huge family gathering after the fact. Lots of food.

    My birthstone is diamonds. Have some jewelry from her.

    Not really helped with dinner making as a child.

    Thank you lovely Dalliolite.

  • Znl, Both dad and grandma came thru. She came thru w/the jewelry. Ascension means just that.

  • I think of them every day. Thanks again. Have a lovely everything Dal.

  • Znl, Wish I could understand the M. If you could picture 2 taller adults on the ends and one possibly shorter in the middle--it forms an M, I'm seeing this. Perhaps it's a picture..

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