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  • That's fine daliolite thank you.

  • SagittariusGurl, I got several impressions w/you. It seems to center around child/children. It's vague to me if this is regarding a passing or in real time. There's also an indication to watch, watch for or be careful. If I said it had to do with family spirit is saying...You hit the bullseye. I'm getting a baptism as well. You'll have to let me know. I getting the feeling of being a teenager. Almost like seeing hearts or initials on a tree. All of this is separate and some is together. Let me know...

  • I wonder if they were previos tenants in the town house we use to live? Hmmm.... I do need to investigate this.

  • I mean previous tenants that once lived in that particular town house before we moved in. Candice was 5 months old when I lived there.

  • Daliolite am surrounded by kids I have my daughter and I live with my 2 nephews and 1 niece so am always with them since I babysit them when everyone is working. Baptism well I baptize my daughter in February maybe is that. What do you mean I hit the bullseye? I can't relate to to the initial or hearts on the tree.

  • SagittariusGurl, I actually saw a heart on a tree while I was on my exerciser. I also saw my symbol for children. Actually, saw many symbols for children. As with/ StandingTall I see love. the heart on the wood reminded me of young love. I really felt lilke this is in real time. I don't know who specifically you thought would come thru. It's harder for me to channel someone who passed yrs ago. There's been a presence of a dog that's very strong so it makes me wonder about this dog you have. Like I said before, spirit is saying be careful. You have the abiity to form solid relationships w/family.

  • StandingTall, It's vague to me when this happened. I kept seeing baby birds everywhere I went w/their mouths open (pictures of this.)

  • You know now that you say that you saw the wart symbol I remember a while back you told me you saw a wedding ring ir engagement ring can't quite remember but when you told me that I few day later my ex got married I think that's what that meant. You are the secon person that said that about the dog shuabby also mentioned a dog a while back buti don't know what's going with the dog I have since I don't like dog and don't interact with him. Ill be careful but just don't know about what. Ill just have to keep my eyes open.

  • SagittariusGurl,

    Sometimes an otherwise friendly dog will turn mean. Avoid situations where child's play may jeopardize safety.

  • Thank you daliolite I will do that. My daughter when she's by herself at home she likes to go outside and play wit the dog she loves dogs her dad got like 3 dogs in his house. But the one I have if he doesn't know you he will bark till u leave and if u get close he will start jumping on you.

  • Moonalisa, I'll start yours. Your dad's spirit is here. I hope I can communicate effectively for you. Give me a day or so.

  • thanks:), will be waiting, he passed away some time ago, in two days it'll be 19 years, just wanted you to know in case it might be important.

  • Hi daliolite, can i get a reading from you please. Thank you, elaine.

  • Hello, Daliolite, thank you for being so generous! I watched your other thread but it was so full, and now I've found your new one. No hurry at all, but I'd like to receive in which ever way you feel moved an answer to why I can't make a clean break with my last relationship - even when I push him out of my concious mind, I'll wake up in tears sometimes. I am in a new, over four years relationship and feel happy and I want this previous one gone, done, over. I just don't understand why it isn't? Thank you so much for all you're doing for everyone here. Blessings, Jlina

  • SmilerE, Did you want a tarot reading.

  • jlinaangel, Yes. It'll be a few days ok.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I am wondering if you can tell me if my brother or any of my guides have a message for me. I am told I am being sent signs and messages but that I am missing them....very frustrating.

    Thanks for all you do for everyone here!

  • I need help , I know your probably already so busy and I know Im not the only one with a desperate need.

    If there is anything you could do I would be beyond grateful.

    I cant see past the pain its suffocating and I dont know how to proceed in any direction.

    I have to do something and considering that my choices effect my immediate life and my future I have become scared as well.

    The circumstances requiring immediate decisions and actions are not in my control. Please help me, please.

    Thank you

    my # is 4 two 3- 9 six 3 - 3 9 four 6

    my email is ebay(.)pixsy(at)yahoo(.)com

  • Yes, i would love a tarot reading please.:)

  • Libralui, Yes.

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