Captain, can you read me please?

  • Hi Captain,

    It has been a while and I'm just wondering if you can give me some I site for the current situation.

    I am ready to move forward. I am waiting on someone to be interested to make an offer of my old house. It's a special small market and therefor it's harder to sell. In the mean time I am working on my intuition and spiritual self.

    Some days just get you down through. Today for example my boss is being a prick in my finger (so to speak). It's Sunday. My day off and he's being unreasonable. I can only hope all the negativity he puts out will come back to him threefold.

    I manifest where I want to be and I want to be able to give my notice and move on.

    How do I not strangle this man? I ask archanel Michael to protect me and mane feat going back to school for a new career in Florida. Am I on the right path?

    Your insite is generous and valuable.


  • Often what annoys us about other people is something that is present in ourselves. Otherwise we wouldn't be bothered. Ask yourself exactly what about your boss bothers you, then look to see if you may not be acting the same way in your own life. For example, if he is unreasonable or inconsiderate, are you making unreasonable or inconsiderate demands of yourself or someone else?

  • And what have you done to achieve your goal of going back to school and getting a new career (must it be in Florida?) besides praying for it?

  • I do not treat him or anyone the way he treats people. I am the opposite of him. I am not the only person he acts this way towards. I have no choice but to take his abuse and smile because I can't afford to lose my job. I just wish karma will work soon for him. Teach him a lesson. But I know that's not for me to say.

    I am trying to sell my house. I can't move forward being tethered here. The real estate agent is telling me I must lower but that will leave me with no profit to buy another house in Florida. Or fix up some things which means waiting another year here

    My daughter is in florida and I do not wish to live that far from her. I am told by many that I will be there in the fall. The schools are way less than here and so is cost of living so I can go back full time there. I have been taking courses for four years toward my goal at night but I'll never finish if I have to keep that method.

    I feel beaten down today.

  • I am also still with my husband because we simply can't afford to live separately.

  • Did you find out what other homes in your area are selling for? because I do not trust your present agent to get you a good deal.

  • And I ask you again - are you making unreasonable or inconsiderate demands of yourself or someone else? Because we attract what we give out.

  • No I am very vanilla to my husband so I do not ask unreasonable things of him either. In fact I try to have very little with him. And the others the same. I am very much trying to work on myself. Meditate, yoga etc. I go to work and stay in my corner doing what is asked of me right away. Trying to stay under the radar.

    as far as the house is concerned I know I am priced under what others are cause it is so old and not updated in past decade so it will need some small updates but it's move in condition. Freshness in paint has been done. She is a good agent reputation wise but I don't know how firm I need to be with her. She's not being very patient I think. We just went down 10 k a week or so ago and now she is saying it was not enough. She wants me to rip up the pergo floor to expose the original 200 year old pine floors. I have no idea what condition they are inso that could cause expense to fix. She said people are complaining about the pergo floors.

  • Are my unreasonable demands on what I set for the house? Am I supposed to lose my shirt? Last year I set the price at tax assessment (then lowered it to lower than the new assessment). I don't think that was unreasonable. This market is chaninging so fast. I am trying to be reasonable with a swinging pendulum. Mour assessment changed 60k in two years lowering 30k each year.

  • Have you considered renting your house out? It may bring in more money in the long run. The deposit and rent in advance could get you to Florida even if you have to rent there for a while. At least you would be moving on.

  • The mortgage is too high to trust tenants to pay on time. could end up losing house. I need equity on house to eventually buy a new house in Florida. I just need a good solid offer. Ugh

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