Love reading?

  • Sorry if double post, may i get a love reading of what may happen in the near future? Im an aries female 04/04/67 born 9pm

  • Your love life depends on what you put into it. If you work on removing any fears or issues you may have with love, sex, and partnership, you will attract the right person. This year the focus for you will be on YOU. The past is over, but you will need to release the feelings and beliefs that are still anchoring you to it. You may start to feel out of place around people with whom you have always felt comfortable, and may question their continuing role in your life. At some point, you will instinctively know that it's time to move in a completely different direction, even if it means doing so alone. This year you are learning to be independent. Attaining independence often brings feelings of isolation and loneliness. Those you thought you could count on may become unavailable to you. Attaining independence always produces guilt which must be seen for the destructive force it is, otherwise you will become stuck in a painful rut of resentment, confusion, and blame. Welcome new activities and new people. Change monotonous routines. Without change - drastic change - you may find yourself being buffeted around with no will of your own. 2013 gives you the opportunity to fix your bearings and choose the direction you want to take. Your various relationships (not just romantic ones) are vitally important this year. So much love and happiness can be experienced there. However, you cannot depend on anyone else for your happiness or success. Rely only on you. Try to surround yourself with realistic, freethinking people who do not judge and criticize your every move. Have the same consideration for them. Although the emphasis is on you this year, guilt will tell you that you are wrong to focus so keenly on yourself and that ego is the problem. It is not. The solution is to stop judging yourself. This will enable you to balance your ego between overblown or deflated. You may have to break free from people who habitually disapprove of you or your plans, or those who want to control you. Know what you want and believe in yourself. If your abilities are lacking in some way, take the time to learn what is necessary to fulfill your intentions.

    As you strive toward freedom, you will notice that others become less dependent or critical. The more self-accepting you are, the happier everyone will be. Confidence is not an 'act' that hides your fear or ignorance. It is a natural feeling that comes from your acceptance of reality. Once you accept the reality of your desires and potentials, and what you have to do to fulfill them, you will know that although you don't know all the answers yet, they will come to you because you have a genuine intent to learn, and an openness which can utilize new information. Confidence is the ability to accept change as it occurs, and it will occur this year.

    Work through your fears and inferiorities in 2013 instead of denying them. The work you do on yourself now is preparing you for 2014 which is a BIG year for relationships and commitments. Its result will depend on how much you get rid of what is not needed in yourself, your home, your job, your health plan, and your relationships this year. Self-love more than love for a partner is what you must focus on at this time - your own relationship with yourself and any sexual issues especially. You must be prepared to look a little deeper into your own psyche and cast out any 'demons' you find. When you have developed a completely healthy relationship with yourself, you will be ready to attract and share yourself with the right person in a healthy way.

  • Thank you so very much for doing a reading for me. Sometimes, we know what needs to be done but want approval that we are headed in the right direction. Thank you again. x

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