Captain Need a Reading Please

  • Dear Captain,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. My DOB is 11/26/62. I was wondering if you could tell me about my near future regarding family, marriage, career, etc. I'm feeling as if a dark cloud has been lifted and I'm beginning to see sunshine. . .



  • Sharon, you are an intelligent witty individual who came into this life with an approach that is heavily dependent on logic and analysis. You are called to cultivate the feeling and intuitive side of your personality and, in so doing, to become more heart-centred. Innovative and questioning, you are blessed with many aptitudes. Highly dependable and responsible, you are not a traditionalist. But your objectivity may appear to others to be cold and some of your decisions heartless. You have all the intuition and feelings of anyone else - you just need to put them to better use. As you do so, you round out and balance your personality. Eventually, having refined all your strengths, you will be able to switch back and forth between intuition and logic so smoothly and rapidly that you will always seem to know the right thing to do or say. Maximising your talents in this fashion means that you are not only agile but versatile. Though this life path promises considerable worldly success, the price for it is some hard work in the areas of relationship and feeling. Your core lesson is to lose your need to be detached and to develop your intuitive side. Your goal is to become heart-centred, combining both logic and intuition, using your gifts of inventiveness, brilliance, and fearlessness to achieve success.

    You are highly individualistic and can experience wonderful fulfillment and accomplishment on your life journey, though you may have to work a bit to gain the facility of human interaction it requires. Your biggest problem will be that you tend to have an over-idealistic approach to lifeand your hig-flown theories and ideas may be rather offputting to more emotionally centred types. Also you may be so insistent on your personal independence that you drive others away or allow your fear of commitment to so have its way that it holds you back. Yet your heart is almost certainly in the right place and if you can bring yourself to give voice to your deepest needs and desires in a spirit of warmth and generosity, your capacity for emotional fulfillment will develop and your spirit will find nourishment when you invoke your sense of justice and compassion to improve the lives of others. If you can control your sometimes scattered mind and look deeper into your issues with communication or problems with siblings, you will pass through any fear of being ridiculed when you try to say something meaningful and instead will find you can contribute greatly to the world.

    What you really want is to receive love. Your need to experience the loving energy of others is nearly insatiable. To successfully bring this energy into your life, you need to first give love by cheering people up - you know how to use the limelight to make others happy. By exercising your creativity to contribute to the happiness of others, you create an 'audience' or a peer group that will support you, accept you, and love you. The best barometer for being 'on track' is the applause and approval of others. In the process of giving happiness - as long as you stay in alignment with your own humanitarian ideals - you gain the reward of knowing you are an important participant in the stream of life.

    Your Achilles' Heel is an overriding need to feel the acceptance of your peers ("If I just cooperate with life and 'go with the flow', my peers will automatically support me and bring me happiness.") But your friends can never give you enough support for you to break out as an individual and take advantage of the exciting opportunities life brings. Become your own best friend and encourage yourself to go after those things that will bring you happiness. The trap you fall into is an unending search for knowledge ("If I have enough knowledge, I will feel confident to take creative action.") But you never have enough knowledge so you go with the flow and wait for happiness to find you. You must take the risk and create your OWN happiness. The irony is that once you begin creating happiness, the knowledge you need to succeed will come to you effortlessly.

    2013 for you involves privacy, solitude, and quietness. You will be constantly seeking answers to a steady stream of questions about yourself and life. You will be seeking truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfillment, and perfection. However, without knowing its purpose, 2013 can be confusing or even depressing for you. No matter how much you want to surge ahead, this is a year of learning how to create the conditions you truly want for yourself. In the process, 2013 will constantly expose you to aspects of your life with which you have become dissatisfied, so that you can realize just how perfect and satisfying your life can become if you are willing to make the changes that need to be made. Only then will you know where you truly belong in this rapidly evolving and uncertain world. In this self-centered year, you will be seeking - and finding - a direction that feels right for you. A more serious side of your nature will emerge, along with a stark awareness that the status quo is simply not good enough any more.

    Instead of rushing out to find new opportunity, however, be patient and wait for opportunity to come to you. Trying to force yourself ahead will result in the same old feelings of dissatisfaction you thought your forcing would eliminate. This is not a time to do - it is a time to plan. Slow yourself down and admit when you feel a bit lost on life's great churning ocean. You are not sure of what you want, and even if you are sure, you know you're never going to get it unless you make a serious commitment to it. Do not panic about this commitment. Being lost may be the only way to find out where you are - which is exactly where you are meant to be. You are right on schedule.

    The need for you to slow down and take things easier cannot be overstated. In 2013, there is a tendency for you to trip and fall if you are moving too fast. This can quite literally mean a physical fall of some kind, and although this does not have to happen if you are cautious, its purpose is to shock you out of your own denials and force you into a quieter and more introspective mode. One way or another, it will not be long before you realize that a change of attitude is not only inevitable but also an opportunity to move ahead in a more comfortable and natural direction. The year emphasizes introspection, emotion, research, analysis, intuition, reflection, seclusion, and faith. This is meant to be a quieter, "inner" year in which you can learn the answers to your most burning and often avoided questions. You must seek what feels ideal for you, and study and analyze what needs to be learned in order to make it a reality. It could take the entire year to figure things out, so don't assume you already have the answers. Instant gratification is not on this year's agenda. When 2013's slow pace causes frustration and worry, remind yourself that this is not lack of movement, but a chance to move more realistically towards greater long-term goals. Be patient. Have faith. Very little activity is required during this cycle. It should be used to gain the mental and emotional experience that will make greater achievement possible in 2014. Although your life will be moving somewhat slowly, it is possible for significant things to happen, but these advances should be seen as stepping stones to the greater potential that will present itself next year. No matter what, you will be made aware of the imperfections in your life so that you can study and analyze your options.

    Reflection means not only looking back and pondering the past, but also looking at everything and everyone in the present and seeing your reality being mirrored back to you through these people and things. Whatever or whoever affects you is your reality. Some aspects of your current reality will feel out of place and no longer desirable. No matter how spiritually or materially 'advanced' you think you are, the reflective power of 2013 will expose an empty space in your life which can make you feel quite lonely. Accept that this emptiness exists, and you will discover the fullness of your true capabilities. You see, that emptiness is your own unfulfilled potential. When deep emotions arise feel them. Experience them. Do not deny them. If ill health occurs, it is an indication that a buildup of unexpressed emotion is bursting to get out, and may do so in the form of what we erroneously call depression. In fact, it is suppression - the 'holding in' of your emotions. Once these feelings have been recognized and released from your body, great improvement will occur in your mental, physical, and/or emotional health. There is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when releasing your emotions. But you do need to spend time alone, with no distractions, so that the feelings involved can be given your undivided attention. Sometimes your feelings may take you by surprise, as if they were dark secrets you were keeping from yourself, but the insight involved will boost your confidence. Over-analysis is a form of denial. To overanalyze means that you have the correct answer but are refusing to accept it. Then you go on searching for the answer you would prefer rather than accept the truth. Remember that the truth for one is not necessarily the truth for another, and that the truth has a tendency to drive you crazy just before it sets you free. Perhaps what you once thought was craziness is simply what it takes to free yourself from outdated beliefs.

    You cannot expect others to know what you are thinking or feeling, what is happening to you, or to understand your moods and bouts of secrecy. They may think you are on a different wavelength entirely, (which you are.) You may be difficult to approach or comprehend. No one can read your mind or feel your feelings. So communicate. Instead of taking your relationships for granted, seek to understand them. Everyone in your life is now reflecting your reality back to you. Their behaviors and attitudes can teach you a lot about yourself and provide vital information as to what is happening in your life, and on this planet. Use this year to gain knowledge, confidence, and expertise. Realize just how gifted and unique you are. Accept the fact that you are a free spirit. Embrace the diversity of life and your place in it. This year of introspection and soul-searching is an opportunity to rediscover yourself as you are now - and to let go of the person you once were. Life is not confined to one field or locality. Get reacquainted with the "big" world, along with its beauty and its horrors; excitement and its mediocrity. Recognizing these extremes will help you secure a balanced position for yourself. This is your year to learn the basics of magic. Yes, magic. The secrets of manifestation. The laws of abundance. The Will must determine what it wants by the way it feels. Consciousness must then plan for this accomplishment by considering and orchestrating all the facts. You must face your fears and allow them to move through you and out of you. Through this process, you will know what needs to be feared and what does not. Genuine intent to succeed will release you from the bondage of guilt. Without guilt, your reality can be seen for what it really is, and balance can be maintained. Without balance, your magic may well materialize, but not as you had hoped. Acceptance of reality is the key and, for this, your total presence is required. Only by being completely present in a situation will you find the answers you need. This is why 2013 asks you to plan rather than do. Life stretches way beyond our own private environments. Beyond this living planet, we are connected to an entire universe which is brimming with life and energy that we cannot even imagine. Explore every aspect of your own reality and, by the end of this year, there will be no doubt in your mind as to who and what you are and where you fit in to the ever-changing kaleidoscope we call life.

    If you think you already know your true identity, you may be in for some interesting and possibly shocking, revelations. 2013 will enable you to discover how perfect you and your life can become when your emotional will teams up with knowledge.

    Blessings! 🙂

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so very much for those kind and moving words. I have been on a quest to try to tap into my fearlessness that I lost somewhere over the years. It seems that I spent the last 30 years raising my children and taking care of everyone else that I somehow lost myself. Now that my last child has gone away to college I find myself wondering what my next life adventure will be. Where am I needed and where can I make the most impact on humanity and the universe itself. I only want to do Gods will and I know that he has a plan for the second phase of my life.

    Sometimes, though, I feel so alone and afraid. You see, my mother and father passed many years ago and my brother, who took care of me growing up, passed away about 5 years ago suddenly. I guess this, coupled with a nasty divorce, kind of sent me into a tail spin of sorts.

    I have since remarried to a wonderful man who supports me financially but not emotionally. He's working all of the time and when I do get to see him in the evening he's usually very tired and just wants to relax and get some rest.

    When you said that "I need to become my own best friend and encourage myself to go after those things that will bring me happiness" that made alot of sense to me. I've been doing alot of meditation and prayer. Being still has helped me to tap into my intuition. This is an ongoing process and I am working on it.

    I will take your words of advice seriously and be patient, listen, and wait for opportunity to come to me. I will also reflect and try to seek the answers that are most burning and often avoided questions.

    Again, thank you so much for your kind words of wisdom. They are greatly appreciated.



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