Radiant Rider Waite

  • Anyone like a reading with my radiant rider waite? Need practice. Would like feedback. Just want name. No question needed. Thanx. x

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  • I would be pleased to have a reading from you, My name is Annette.

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  • Hiya annette, be back in a few with your reading. x

  • Hiya annette, you have a delicate reading. Firstly, i want you to know that every thing i say is guided by my all loving guardian angels and spirit guides. I believe you need a time out. A break. You need to be loving and kind to yourself. You have the wish card first and it is crossed by the 5 cups which leads me to believe, this issue you are dealing with is close to your heart and a source of emotional heartache. Just know that this issue will have a fast resolution. You also have a guardian angel that knows of your troubles and issues that concern you. He is there if you want, talk to him like a best best friend. I dont know for sure, but are you pregnant or wanting to be? Dont worry. You have work ahead of you, but your dreams of wanting a loving relationship and marriage can come true. Also, if you have new ideas as far as making money, go for it. You definitely have a green light. Be careful and be aware of keeping your business ideas safe, as you dont want to share them with just anyone. They have the ability to lift your life out of a financial rut. Take control of your life. Things will get better. Be gentle with yourself. Pay attention and trust in yourself and ideas for a brighter future. Thank you for letting me read for you. The cards i have for you are... 9 cups, 5 cups, 8 wands, chariot, temperance, 4 swords, 7 swords, empress, strength, 8 pentacles

  • Hello Cybergurl,,First , almost everything you have said is fitting , I have no desire to re-marry and I am past the childbearing days SO now for the good stuff, I do feel an angelic presence around me often and I have had beautiful Auras appear around many times ,,, the best part was one evening I was sitting in my living room and suddenly appeared many ORBS Black ones to my left , Red ones in front of me and beautiful robin egg Blue ones the blacks started to fade and melted away as I told them to leave , The red one remained and I even put my hand around one of them but ... IT was the blue ones that took over they had a golden pale yellow ring around them I was amazed and had no fear. I told 2 people about this and both said where you frightened? I said NO NOT AT ALL,,,,, Like you said I know my Angelic Angels are guiding me.If you have anything else you can add I would be grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH I THINK YOU DID WELL.

  • Cybergul, would you do areading for me, my name is Mila,thank you

  • Hiya mila be back in a few with your reading. x

  • Hiya mila, from the cards i have picked for you, it looks like you are trying to heal from some sort of heartache. You should receive a message soon that will comfort you, but that will also need some attention taken to finalize an issue in your life. You are facing a wake up call and turning your life in a new direction. I believe things will move quickly and you will have a safe comfortable home to live in. There is an offer of a loving gesture towards you soon that will cheer you up and bring happy memories back. Look to your future to be brighter than the past. Possiblely sharing time with friends and/or family. Maybe some sort of celebration. Best of luck to you. Thank you for letting me do this reading. The cards are... 5 cups, knight swords, 10 swords, 10 cups, judgment, knight wands and 10 pentacles, page cups, 3 wands, page wands, 3 cups

  • Hi cybergurl67, I would appreciate a reading from you. Thanks, Lorie.

  • cybergul67 you made my day! thank you , you are right!

  • Hiya lori, your reading is next. Be back in a few...

  • Hi my name is chandra. You mentioned that if I have communication with gary, there would be an argument. Could you please tell me the reason why. Is it because he will try to lie to me?

  • Hiya chandra, Cant remember the exact cards, but i believe there might be a misunderstanding or being defensive that may cause an argument. I could be wrong, but i believe that to be true. x

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