Reading for DaniBo

  • Hi DaniBo!

    Are you still out there? I really enjoyed the dialogue we shared a while ago with readings.

    So, I thought I would share a reading with you in mind.

    This is with this "dreamer's Tarot" deck, I think this was the deck i was using *maybe back then.

    Center is the Page of Pentacles,

    Companion card is the King of Wands

    above 6 of Wands,

    below, 6 of Swords

    Left, 10 of Cups,

    right, 3 of swords

    The Magician

    Queen of Swords

    4 of Cups


    Page of Pentacles with a King of Wands.

    (for me) that is a 2 pentacles in motion, with a settled 3 wands. So, that sounds are moving or your life is moving along, and the path growth is excellent as 3 Wands however you may be at a little pause right now in your path for some reason. So you must be in a very good place in your life I believe. Those are two nice combinations!

    The cards around that, are some nice 6 "energy" of wands and swords, and the 10 cups (that is like a Ace Cups in a way). And the 3 swords, that is growth of thinking, I think! So the general sense there more swords, 3 and 6 those are both really nice! 3' s grow, 6's are very sweet and flowing gentle streams kind of numbers to me. Along with some dialogue or messages between friends.

    The 10 of cups, hmmm.... that could be a relationship or feeling you have completed recently, and are also starting something new in feelings at the same time. 10's still stop me, they are, well... they just make you think! 10's end, and yet where do you go from there? So, it seems that perhaps your emotional love life is the one area that could be seeing some shifting.

    Now, the cards along the side of the Celtic Cross. I will call these 1-4 and try to stay open to what they could men for you! (Gosh DaniBo I have missed you here! Where have you been. Your readings are so beautiful to me, from what I remember, you were really putting all of your heart out there. Wherever you are, I wish so much happiness and hope you met up with him finally! 🙂 on the dock maybe !

    Sri I got off course there! So, the Magician and the Judgment card, the Queen of Swords, 4 of Cups. So Cups are jumping out here. They trace back to the 10 of Cups! Maybe. We are on to something here in the Cups! So. DaniBo. Whatever this 10/1 Cups thing is, the "new" side of that, like a new feeling, is heading for "stability" foundations in love and emotions. So I think that whatever it is could be turning serious, or at least something more "dependable".

    Judhgment is "pushing up" on the 4 of cups. It came after the 4 cups so it is now a motivating influence to establish that foundations of love and emotion and nice feelings in your life, That sounds great to me!

    The magician simply says magic to me! Your life should be under a lot of magical lightness, and happy experiences. I hope that is true. And the Queen of Swords, she is like a foundation of wisdom and insight.

    And you certainly struck me that way!

    Anyway maybe you'll read this maybe you won't. somehow I think our messages always reach those we love regardless... wishing you happy everything! dear DaniBo


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