Need a reading... anyone willing ?

  • Hello, thanks for reading my request.

    I need a reading on my relationship and finances/career please.

    My date of birth 04 May 1962

    His 10 August 1962

    Thanks a lot in advance

    Love and light

  • Sweetdee47,

    Here is a reading, but it will be about what you are feeling, to help see a different perspective.

    it seems you have a lot going on right now and having a tough time handling everything at once

    I do get the feeling that you are good at what you do...there’s strength

    and you are a good talker and listener

    but you’re worried, almost like you are losing something

    Keep with the hope and inspiration you had recently

    trust the little voice, follow what your heart said...

    You’re going to run into a younger guy...he is not nice...he is one of those where it has to go his way or no way...

    back to having to many things going on... you have these ideas but it like you can’t focus on one so you threw them up and is waiting to see what lands.

    if you don’t focus like you can you are going to beat yourself up... a mopey feeling

    you need to keep your eyes open and think things thru...don’t just jump in... i get the feeling sometimes you jump then worry oh what did i do...

    Again important to think it thru, look for the good solution and if you do get mopey try and realize it because doubt will set in and I get the feeling again of beating yourself up or not getting out of your own way type of feeling.

    Hope that helps,


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