ADVICE: Libra lad & Leo lady

  • Two months ago I met a very sweet Libra fellow at work. I’m from the USA and he’s from Australia and we’re both working on the same project in England for the next few months. We’ve gone out for drinks with a group of work friends together a few times. I invited him and a bunch of others to see a friend of mine play at a local pub and he’s the only one who showed. He tried to sit next to me a few times but kept getting pushed out of the way by other people and I ended up being stuck in the corner of booth the whole night. He had to leave right afterwards and sent me a text that said “Thanks for some great music. Sorry I had to split. We’ll hang out more next time :)” The following Monday I ran into him while he was in line for coffee. He jumped out of line to ask me about my weekend and said that next time he’d plan a night out for us. Two weeks later (without any further talk of a night out together) we had a work party and spent the whole night chatting. He was very touchy feely with his arm around me and running his hand up and down my back and occasionally dropping it down even lower. Of course I reciprocated and would put my hand on his arm/shoulder or his knee. Ever since then he winks at me when he walks past me and always makes sure to touch my arm or small of my back when we’re talking. It seems like he’s interested in me so I’m left wondering why he hasn’t asked me out on a proper date. As a Leo I’m normally pretty aggressive when it comes to guys but after my last relationship realized I may need someone who’s a little more take charge so I’ve been backing off. There’s conflicting advice out there on whether Libras like aggressive women or not. I don’t want to scare him off and I don’t want to make working together awkward if I’ve misinterpreted his intentions since we’ll be working with each other for another 4-5 months. Anyone have any advice? Are Leos & Libras a compatible? My birthday is August 17 and his is October 13. Is it smarter for me to leave it alone or should I go with my lioness instincts and pounce? Thoughts???

  • Astrology predicts this is best for friendship. I feel there is a third party involved here, someone your co-worker has left back in Australia but intends to go back to when he is finished overseas. He is physically attracted to you and would be up for a sexual no-strings relationship. But there would be no real commitment on his part. There would be affection here between you, no doubt but serious power struggles can mar this relationship. The two of you have very different ideas about love, money, family etc. so tensions and friction would tend to be commonplace in any sort of relationship here. Plus he prefers his partners to be real 'ladies' and not at all aggressive.

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