Advice about Scorpio/Cancer

  • Hello all,

    I've always been very cautious and am not the type to easily fall in love. However, I have become completely infatuated with a friend of mine. I think he may feel the same way as I do although he is a little shy with women. I may also be reading to much into it.

    My Sun Sign is Scorpio and Moon Sign is Capricorn. His Sun Sign is Cancer and Moon Sign is Pisces.

    I hear that Cancer and Scorpio are very compatible. What about the Moon signs?

    I am also worried that if I don't make my feelings clear I may miss my chance. I also know that a Virgo friend of mine has a crush on him. I have never fallen in love and would really appreciate advice 🙂

  • Can you give the exact and full birthdates?

  • Cancer and Scorpio can have a great time. You're the Scorpio right? Make your move before the Virgo does. Virgos (I'm one) can be very devious, very clever and they can be well liked. BUT Scorpios are hot. I had a 36 year relationship with a fiery Scorpio until he died. Make your feelings clear - you'll know what to say at the right time - Scorpios are never short for words. If you've never been in love this could be a wonderful opportunity. It changes your life and you not only care for yourself, but another person - no more lonely feeling. Emotions wake up inside you that if you've never been in love, will put a smile on your face for quite awhile. Go for him, work with each other, you'll learn alot. But I would let him know soon. Virgos don't stop what they want until they get it.......this from a vampire slaying virgo.......Good Luck - Have Fun!!!!

  • My birthday is 29/10/95 and his is the 15/7/95

  • Thank you buffyslayer! Your advice is really helpful! She does somewhat seem to fit your description. I guess there have been a few things pulling me back.

    Firstly, I think I'm still pretty young and I don't want to be in a relationship unless if I'm serious. Secondly, though I hate to admit it, I am a bit of a people-pleaser and because I know she has a crush on him, I don't want to hurt her feelings because she's my friend. At the same time, it makes me want him even more. Also, waiting for the guy to make the first move might not be my best option either.

  • You are both deeply perceptive and emotional people, yet you will both feel frustrated by this relationship's enigmatic quality. You two just can't quite seem to see deeply or emotionally touch each other. It's as if the relationship is a smoke screen preventing full understanding. Even if you become close friends or lovers, a great deal between you may be left unsaid or even actively concealed. There seems to be an inevitability here, a fatal or karmic impulse that brings you two together willy-nilly, regardless of your differences in background, race, religion, interests etc but that at the same time prevents a deeper union. A romantic relaitonship will have a strongly sexual component. From flirtation to outright temptation and seduction, this pairing tends to produce the kind of provocative behaviour that is likely to lead to some degree of sexual involvement (unless you are firmly against it). Both of you have a need to keep things private and hushed up and you will usually be very discreet about when and where you meet. Should a third person be involved here, a breakup between two or all three of the triangle is often inevitable.

    Marriage has the potential to be successful between you - though you two may still be unable to be honest with each other, resorting to manipulative ploys to get your way rather than expressing yourselves directly. You might find this guy's methods a bit unethical and his secrecy can make you feel insecure. He for his part might see you as selfish and controlling. So to prevent any unhappiness or misunderstanding - before you decide to get involved at all with this person - you need to make it clear from the outset that honesty and open communication is the requirement (if you want it, that is) and necessity of the relationship. You will both need to let your guards down and learn to compromise if this is to work out.

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