Hello Captain

  • Hello Captain,

    I had never asked you a question before. If you have some advise for me on our delima ,please help.

    My husband has a very secure job,been there over 25 years. But he hates it. I am on disability. We are in the middle of buying a home in sunny Arizona. Here is the sticky part.He does nothave a new job as of yet. He does have one that is intrested in him. And another he is waiting to hear from.

    Also,our current home is not even on the market yet. Soon will be. We are getting it ready.If this is not putting the horse before the cart,I do not know what is! Lol.

    I think what I want to know is,are we making a mistake? I have already asked others for insite and they say.we wil be much happpier there. We are thinking of backing out due to fear of finacial insecurity. We will loose $5.000 that we put down as intrest money,but is it better then risking all to start over? We are older people. But my husbands feild of work makes him still in demand. What would you do? Thanks a bunch, Carol

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  • Yes you should move - otherwise you will be more miserable than if you risk some financial insecurity. Don't worry - your husband will find new work. He shouldn't have to work somewhere he hates. But you better get that house on the market!

  • Hello Captain,

    It is so scary to move to another state with no job security. Thinking of putting the breaks on the move till he has one. If we can slow it down as we are at the stage of just waiting for the appraisal on the house in Arizona. My bones hurt from the dampness here in Illinois. And Arizona is such a spritual place. I know I would fit right in. It all just goes back to fear and insecurity.Freinds and family are telling us not to risk it in this current financial climate.

    This is such a emotional decision,I can not see in to it psychically my self.

    Thank you for the in put.Maybe if we do move, I will become a reader for others.I would love to help other people,as you do.

    Love and light,Carol

  • I think it would be scarier to stay where you are right now, since you both are literally and figuratively 'stuck'. Action is needed in this situation. You have to trust that you will be looked after by a higher power. Don't use your emotions to make this decision. Just do what you feel deep within is right.

  • Hello Captain

    Well we signed the loan papers. Now we wait for the apraisal to be done.

    I get so scared sometimes that I get nauseated. I fear most that he will get a job that will not pay enough to make living there affordable. He will stay behind here till he gets a job. We may be seperated from each other a long time. Thank goodness I will have my adult son with me and our pets. I only know of one couple out there and not that well. He is my husbands freind. This is such BIG leap of faith. Leaving behind our security to start fresh . My family told me this is something that younger people do. Not someone our age. Well it is to late now pretty much. I will just pray,hold my nose and jump in. I hope we floate and not sink. Lol.

    Thank you for your insight, Love and peace , Carol

  • If you focus too much on your fears, you will attract what you fear. Instead focus on believing in a positive outcome where you get everything you want. You need to do what you fear (change) so as to defeat it. Don't listen to other people who have the same fears. There is no age too old to do new things. If you think you are too old to do anything, then you really are. Old age is really in the mind and attitude. Try saying an affirmation aloud every day and night, like "I look forward to the changes in my life that are bringing me everything I want and need."

  • Hello Cap.

    Thank you for reminding me of the laws of attraction. A seasoned person like me should and does know this. But when it comes to applying to ones self when in the middle of the drama, there are the moments of feat that take over. I will try to see him at a job making more then enough money then we need. See us happy with the choice of him leaving a at present high paying secure job. I will try Captain, That is all I can do. Thank you for the advise. Please pray or do energy work our way. Love and light, Carol

  • Look for June to be a big happy month!

  • Ok,Thanks a bunch Cap. I will keep you posted. Carol

  • Hello Captain.

    Well it is now June 12 th. Things began to unravel conserning the move to Arizona in a matter of about 3 days. First, my husband did not get the job. Second, the house under appraised for what seller wanted and would not come down. So, we are staying put. We are getting this home refinanced. Maybe there was something else you had seen that was to happen for us in the month of June. Any insight on this matter would be appreciated. Love and light, Carol

  • You should wait until the end of June before you doubt or worry.

  • Hello Captain thanks for sharing a great thead or post ... I appreciate all the member who shared your ideas with us

  • Hello Captain,

    It is now in to august. The move to AZ all came unraveled in about 3 days. Job interview for husband did not come to harvest. Then the house we had a contract on, well,,,it under aprased. Ant the seller would not come down. So we are staying put. Investing and fixing up our current home.

    This all leads me to wonder why we went through all this? Many phychics told us we were moving to AZ. ( pardon my spelling please ) Can you tell me why? Thank you so much,

    Sorry I am posting an up date so late.

  • We bring about what we really want - deep down you and your husband were not ready to change your lives so you subconsciously sabotaged the move. You must examine whether it is really in your best interests to be somewhere else. What did you hope the move could bring you that staying put would not?

  • Trying to answer that. Maybe the move would of given us the wonders of the desert. It is awesome. getting away from the neighbors here that we do not like. That house was very private.

    The new life. That is pretty much it .All readers were so confident we were moving. Remember how I said I was so scared to move? I do feel much more secure here due to husband long term job here. Yeah, it was maybe for the best. Thank you Cap.

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