Astra, I´m changing :)

  • Hi Astra!

    This is Rocks, how are you?

    I was wondering if you could do a reading regarding my changes? I think I found the apartment and I am planning multiple changes that comes with the move, I am gonna be a new person and probably no one will recognize me when he get´s out 🙂 , I was just wondering if you can see how the changes will affect my relationship with my friends and the one with T? I haven´t written the first letter yet, if I write T a letter in the beginning of june when I am probably moving, will it be a good thing or bad thing to write him?

    Will it be good changes?

    Love rocks

  • Hi rockofages

    I am fine thanks! Glad to hear you are doing okay, the move sounds great!

    Okay lets see what seems to be happening with you.

    Wow this all looks so nice! I just drew some cards and looking at them all they are really happy bright and optimistic cards, I can see you are very happy in your life right now? Love is blooming it seems, a lot of sweet cup cards near you. Moving to a nice 6-style life which is the calm after some emotional changes. So it seems to be more about your feeling nice about you and your environment is going to be very nice there! Empress also! 2 wands, 3 cups outcome wow wow this all looks so good for you!!!!! All I can say is keep going in whatever direction you are I guess!

    As for writing him, that is something you will need to decide on your own. I think it would be nice, then again I am not in your situation. You seem to still feel nice things for him though!

    Changes if there are some look nice!'

    blessings rock, I hope that is helpful!

    best to sosweetme too, she must be your friend? I dunno, I can't keep it all straight sometimes haha

  • Hi Astra!

    Yes, as soon as I walked into the apartment I hope to get, I felt happy and planning for my move, planning what kind if things and furniture to get, I feel so happy, positive and optimistic, because I will be free, I can do whatever I want and my mom can´t control me as she is now 🙂

    I think also him being away has helped a little because a friend said I seem happier now that I don´t have to worry about him or him and the other girl.

    I wanna write to him as a friend because of the other girl, but then we will see what happens when he get´s out. I am just worried people and him will think it´s weird that I write him letters letting him know what happens, i don´t expect answers from him but I want to reach out to him so he knows I still wanna be friends.

    Yeah She is my friend but I have taken over this username now because all my other data for some reason was removed 😕

    I am going to Ikea thursday to buy the first things for the apartment, happy girl 🙂

    Hugs astra

  • Hi Astra!

    I just got a message from a friend that is a friend with both me and T, may I ask this? Is T taking advantage of me and the fact that I like him/wanna be friends with everyone and is his friends aswell?

  • Hi again, I didn´t get the apartment, he is gonna rent it to his cousin...

    Astra may I ask for a path-reading? If I choose to go to LA and study fashion merchandising, is that a good path or should I stay here in sweden instead and choose the path as a social worker? It is driving me crazy living with my mom, she is such a controlfreak

  • Hi rock

    You have a lot going on. I will admit that I have had some difficulty keeping it all straight with you and T and the friend and the other girl and all of that. So I am kinda relieved you want to shift gears.

    Sri the apt didn't work out, I am sure you'll find something better,

    Path reading.... I am looking at 10 cards right now and it seems to emphasize your career maybe at the moment.

    Central concern is the "role" card with the dreamy path card (7). So that is LOT of path, pondering you are probably feeling. So it does seem like you are really dreaming of a path, LA or Sweden with the social work.

    Hm. Well... above and below Blending and a King (3) of Earth.

    Behind (left) is a Knight of Swords. Ahead (right) is the 6 wands.

    You are moving away from a swords focus in life. You are trying to move away from words, dialogue and thoughts as they are a "work". So that seems to lend support to the more visual fashion work perhaps.

    Above and below, blending and a king. That seems to be feeling, love, relationship (with) an earthy guy. I think while you are thinking "career" you are also thinking "love" could be a part of that trip.

    The 6 wands, that is path as a nicely established aspect... then the "drama" card I call it (tower), so that is interesting. That seems to tie in more with the social work, drama, towers falling, help!

    Then the Ace of pentacles, that is a new beginning in earth as an outer influence. So that would be an encouraging start of a physical, home, security pattern, could be connected to the social work.

    The dreams are the Knight of Wands. That is a path of purpose.

    The outcome is a 7 swords. I think that is thinking more on dreamy things. Fun, lighthearted, playful.

    Let's see.... you have a Knight swords past (background) and that the dialogue part, I think you are trying to move away from that. Role, blending, a man, a relationship surrounding this question of career. I think you just want your life to work! (6 wands).

    You know rock... I think you are trying to establish a dreamier atmosphere for your life. You have a 7 at present in path, and a 7 thoughts as outcome, that seems to be the real desire of your heart, dreamland.

    The universe is "encouraging" you with a NEW physical pattern beginning somewhere, I think that is support for the NEW location. The dreams are a knight of path so PATH chasing is very important to you. The outcome is back to the dreams.

    Between the two I would say the LA thing is really what is happening. The social work thing could be an effort to "balance" some male communication pattern setting from your past. You could have grown up in a somewhat authoritative male atmosphere (father?), and that has an undercurrent in your life, perhaps trying to drag you off into settings that repeat those earlier experiences in some way.

    So I think your A fashion merchandising is the path OUT of that past. This does seem to be pushing you down the road I think rock. What do you think? I would pursue what makes your smile, and gives you a good feeling inside. What makes use of your talents in a nice way!

    I hope that helps!

    I do think the relationship with the guy is still sorta hanging out there.

    blessings rock.

  • Hi Astra! Thanks, the thing is just that the education is in LA and the guy has to stay here so becaue he can´t come with me, but I don´t know..I know it´s hard to keep up 😛 One of his and mine friends wrote to me and asked for help, T wanted a carton of cigarettes and no one except for me, I mean not even the girl that is supposed to be "his girl" helped out with money, even his brother said he didn´t have the money so..I think that say´s alot about her and the fact that she actually has a bf she is cheating with T on...Drama drama 😛

    I wanna change my life, I started to work out at the gym again today, finally got a yes from the doctors(messed up my shoulder pretty bad on the gym last year) so the change is in motion

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