Never asked Captain a question before,

  • Hello Captain,

    I had never asked you a question before. If you have some advise for me on our delima ,please help.

    My husband has a very secure job,been there over 25 years. But he hates it. I am on disability. We are in the middle of buying a home in sunny Arizona. Here is the sticky part.He does nothave a new job as of yet. He does have one that is intrested in him. And another he is waiting to hear from.

    Also,our current home is not even on the market yet. Soon will be. We are getting it ready.If this is not putting the horse before the cart,I do not know what is! Lol.

    I think what I want to know is,are we making a mistake? I have already asked others for insite and they say.we wil be much happpier there. We are thinking of backing out due to fear of finacial insecurity. We will loose $5.000 that we put down as intrest money,but is it better then risking all to start over? We are older people. But my husbands feild of work makes him still in demand. What would you do? Thanks a bunch, Carol

  • Answered on other thread.

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