TheCaptain or Anyone Please Help

  • I use to talk to a guy from November 2012 - Feb 2013. We got into a major arguement and he told me to leave so I left and I deleted him from my FB that night. 3 weeks later he gets into a relationship with another girl (and I know they weren't talking previously). Just a few nights ago, I discovered her dating profile on another site, and I told him (even though the last time we spoke was back in March). I was just wondering if you see us ever reconciling and being on good terms again?

    My bday is 07/13/1990 and his is 08/24/1983.

  • Yes I do feel there is a chance of you getting back together but you will have to show him you are more mature and less jealous than he thinks you are from your actions. He really didn't like you informing on his other girlfriend - he thought it was very insecure of you.

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