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  • Effie, i will do your reading now. Be back in a few. x

  • Effie, my reading for you is it finds you suffering with a bit of a heartache. I can tell you are wanting to leave this behind. You are going to be offered a loving gesture that will help you leave the sadness behind, or once you left the 1st timeg, a loving gesture brought you back and now you are finding the situation hasnt changed. You find you are always at a struggle with defending yourself and your views on life. You desperately want things to change for the better and are eagerly waiting for the changes to take place. I believe that you are still finding life a bit difficult and night time can especially troublesome. I honestly think someone isnt truthful and wont be changing any time soon. There may be some answers within your dreamrs that can assist on helping you lead a more happier life. I would, if you like to try something for me. Ask your own guardian angels before you go to sleep at night to give you a clue to help you lead a happier life and to help in healing...then take care to remember the very first thought you have upon opening your eyes when you wake, because that will be clue to the answers you seek. Believe and have faith. Best of luck to you. Hugs, x your cards are...3 swords, 8 cups, page cups, 6 swords, 9 wands, wheel of fortune, 2 wands, 9 swords, 7 swords, moon.

  • I need your help please.

    There is a woman by the name of Mary who I use to work with about 4 years ago. To make a long story short; this woman caused a lot of problems in my life.

    Basically she lied on my exboyfriend, and he is now in big trouble with the law!

    Things are now starting to twist in his favor, and it looks like she will fall in her own trap.

    MY question is: Do you see Mary doing time in the next 12 months??

    Please give me your insight, I really need your help.

  • Hi, how is your practice going Cybergurl? I think you're readings so very cohesive and you've gotten the story the cards tell down! Good for you!

    I would like a reading when you have the time, and thank you!


  • your readings are very cohesive....wow that was a mash up, smile

  • Hiya jlinaangel, thank you. I will be back with your reading in a few...

  • Don't forget about me please.

  • Hiya jacqueline, i think that perhaps you may be wondering how much you should trust in searching for spiritual guidance, so to speak. Maybe, you feel that you are lacking in certain areas of your life and want extra guidance to just so you can feel more certain you are making the correct life choices for what concerns you. I believe that no matter what troubles you might have, that everything will come out ok, with any and all issues. There seems to perhaps be a man that was once loving in your eyes that you may be finding that you are having to defend your actions against. Or you are having to make excuses as to what or where or with whom you have been spending time. Not to worry, because i believe your luck will be changing. I think you will be going towards better times in the very near future. I would say that to talk to your guardian angels and then let the universe have a bit of time to answer should be the key to what concerns you. I think someone is waiting for you some where, like you may be planning a trip to see someone? Dont worry too much about things you can not change. Just look for your soul lesson within them. I think there is going to be some happy thoughts of the past that will cause you to remember something or someone you havent thought about in a while. Or its like a surprise, when someone from your past reenters your life. Let me know if any of this make s sense. Thank you, x

  • Your cards jacqueline are hierophant, 5 pentacles, justice, king cups, 7 wands, 6 swords, hangedman, 2 wands, 9 swords, 7 swords and 6 cups came out at same time.

  • Hi Cybergurl,

    You have amazed me. You just nailed everything on the spot. yes i left the first time and as you said the loving gesture has brought me back and yes i am finding things havent changed. yes i want things to change in my life. I wanted that man to love me as i did. he does in his own way which i couldnt not accept anymore. This is the big heartache you have mentioned. i wish i could of had a different answer but i guess thats life and i have to move on and try to forget him which is very hard.I always defend my self because im to soft for people and always want to be loved. This has to do with my bringing up. I have improved alot. i dont depened on approvals so much anymore. Thank you so much for your reading. Keep up the good work my sweet girl, you are just fantastic!!!!!

  • Thank you gino26, i wish you all the best. x

  • Hi Cybergurl,

    May I have a reading just using 'Danceur"?

    Have a bit of a crush on a guy called Paul. There seems to be mutual attraction but little else. I guess I'd want to know about him and love relationships/potential in general for this year.

    Thank you.

  • Cybergurl67, I am on page7. Thanks!

  • Cybergurl,

    That was very intuitive and ummm, I think you can stop "practicing," smile - you definitely hit my issues on the head. I used to have an amazing reader who had written a book in the 60's and had been a famous reader to the Stars and she passed away (I do have a lot of spells from her, and think about putting it in a book one day, she was that amazing) and you're right - I just like confirmation mostly of what I'm doing or what's really going on. I miss her so much, but you helped me out bunches.

    I, and my BFF - both have this thing where if things get too good, we get nervous. I think sometimes that's what's happening to me as I'm feeling pretty happy and content! Yes there was a man and all those issues, exactly but the past is past and I get to say when I'm done, anyway - I just got sucked back into it for a few days, not sure why.

    But I'm ready to let everything go and move forward, and I'll trust it'll all turn out as well. Thank you for that, and thank you for being so giving and all you've done here.

    Blessings times 3 to you and yours,


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