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  • Hiya alejandra, sorry i seem to have skipped over you. I will do your reading now... x

  • Hiya alejandra, your reading looks as if you have so many questions running thru your mind. So much to take care of and choices to make. One thing tho is to slow down. Stop a moment, notice and appreciate the life given to you. Its a blessing, even the hard life lessons. I think that there should be an offer coming to you from an older respected woman. She will make you an offer of assistance to you that could help you move towards a better future. I think you may actually move so you can start to heal and have a better life. Things are going to happen quickly. There will be communication going with several people to try and come up with the answer to your troubles or how to accomplish what needs to be done to help you. You need to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest and taking things more slowly than rushing about. You will be welcomed home or congradulated for something you have done. You are a blessing in someones life. You are coming into a happy phase in your life and have plenty to be thankful for. Your life is changing to better things for you. You should become happy and content when all is said and done. Thank you for letting me do your reading. Your cards are... 4 cups, high prietess,6wands, death, 8 wands, 4 swords, 6 wands, 4 wands, queen pentacale x

  • Thank you for the reading Cybergurl. Will this offer be work related? Move? I have really considered moving i just haven't done so something always comes up and end up not moving. I have noticed that i feel more happy now than i did before and better things are coming my way before things just didn't seem to work out for me. Well there is somethingsbut i will just give it time.

  • Hi Cybergurl67,

    Thank you so much for your reading, my feedback below 😉 if you could provide any other clarification would be much appreciated:-

    • we start with a woman in your life, i think if not you then someone is trying to change her mind about an issue that now she is debating on what to do - This may be me? There is a couple of issues that I am debating what to do, one involves my sister (family) and the other involves a man (love?).I’m thinking it probably has more to do with this man I met last year. I’m debating whether or not to take the risk and be open to what he has to offer instead of doubting and over analysing everything he says and rejecting what could be a relationship for fear of being hurt?

    • She is a real woman that likes nice things around her and she likes when things fall into place and when life is comfortable - This sounds like me 😉

    • She has a long standing goal that is close to coming to fruitation. It started as a wish, a dream. I think it concerns a young person and the direction of their life - I don’t know if I can relate to this, I don’t know who this young person is, unless it’s my sister? I don’t know the long standing goal?

    • She has idea, a vision of how things should be. She will stand her ground. She is like so certain that she will battle to defend what she believes is the right. Justice will happen in this situation. Although sad memories fade they never really go away. She may relive a trama in her life, but comes thru it a much happier person – That sounds like me, I will battle and defend what I believe is right. I’ve been torn emotionally over my sister but feels she needs to take accountability and responsibility for her actions rather than leaving it up to me to clean up after her. I however don’t remember that there is a trauma in my life that has affected me that I’m reliving ?

    • She has a special guardian angel watching over her and can assist her in this matter – Can you tell me who this guardian angel is? I'm happy knowing that I have a guardian angel watching over me.

    xxox Thi Van

  • Would it be possible for me to get a reading also?

  • Hiya Thi Van, alrite, i think from you have mentioned, these issues must be related to your younger sister. As far as, the trama goes could also relate to her, but trama might not be the right word, but it has to do with maybe with the long standing dream that hasnt happened and at that time being deeply hurt? Again, maybe a message for your sister. There was a lot of movement in the cards thats why i believe you will move. My readings happen pretty fast, so within the next 2 top3 weeks they usually take place. Your guardian angel you have to be able to sit quietly and try to relax all over and get comfortable. Talk to him like a best friend. Although the energy i feel at this moment feels like a female energy, so your guardian angel is probably a female. Get to know her. If you ask her her name, she will tell you. Also, before falling asleep ask your angel a question and this being the tricky part, try and be still and listen to the first thought that enters your mind when you wake up and first open your eyes. Its like as soon as you are opening your eyes a word or phrase will enter your mind whatever it is, should be a clue to the answer of the questioned you asked. Its such a cool feeling when it works out. Talk to her like your best friend and ask her to help you sort anything in your life. It doesnt matter how big or small your request is, you will recieve an answer. x

  • Cybergurl67, thank you a lot!

  • Hi Cybergurl67,

    I'm involved in a group project on remodeling my house. I believe I've finally found the right group (remodelers). I have a bf/friend at present who has an addiction (alcohol) problem. The relationship is going nowhere and he doesn't seem to understand this. I had a homeless (sorta) couple helping w/2 projects. The first project was ok, the second one not so good. They wanted 1/2 the money up front. I told them 1/2 when 1/2 done. I did give them a little to start--40. After 4 days didn't get anything done and wanted some money at 10:30 at nite. I just told them to return the materials (I had bought) and forget the rest. I wanted to try them hoping I could give them small jobs but they didn't work longer than 1 hr at a time. I'm alone and like it. I'm hoping that I'll see fufillment with this project. I'll have to look at the cards again. Thanks. I can relate.

  • Cybergurl67, 2 of wands is prob me moving and staying somewhere until all the work is done on house. Chariot/temperance is prob telling me to not be hasty or quick on decisions. Thanks.

  • Cybergurl, there is something intriguing in part of the reading you did for me. You wrote, 'Someone is offering you a 'helping hand', but if you choose to go with this person, i think there is some sadness to come with it.' Excuse my asking you one more question, what sadness are you talking about? why sadness? Could you say explain it?

  • Hi cybergirl, i would love a reading if you have thetime. My name is elaine. Thank you. 🙂

  • Thanks Cybergurl. I will give it a try. Love and light to you.

  • Hi Cybergirl,if you have time, i would love a reading for my love life and work.Thank you for you time.

  • Oh sorry forgot to tell you my name, Effie is my name. Thank you.

  • If i can remember correctly, i thought after time you would be sad because of someone or something that was left behind. x

  • thanks Cybergurl

  • Gottaloveit71, you didnt give me a name to focus energy on, so i will try to use your nic name above to see if it works, be back in a few with reading...x

  • Gottaloveit71, your reading starts with an offering of love that takes you from bad times to good. If, not you, then maybe you have a lil one that may have experienced something but there should be a turn and good things should be on their way. I think that you have been waiting to see a change, and i believe that this is the focus of the reading. You havent known what to do or which direction to go in for some time. I believe there is a man involed, maybe you are wondering if you should trust him or not and you find you are at a cross roads. Dont give up hope. As your life is going to turn completely around as one ending in your life, lets brand new ones begin. Dont worry too much over things you cant change, focus on what you can do. Also, remember to you do have the ability to make the changes needed to see your wishes and dreams come true with faith that they will. You should see an increase of money that will help with what concerns you, but dont forget to share yours with others in need so that there will be a continuous flow thru out life. If that makes since. Let me know if the reading makes sense for you please. Thank you, x the cards were... Page cups, 6 swords, 3 wands, 8 swords, king swords, 2 swords, star, death, 5 pentacles, 4 pentacles

  • Hiya elaine, i will do your reading now. Be back in a few- x

  • Elaine, i believe that things have been happening very quickly between you and a gentleman you have been chatting with. I believe you find yourself with a certain peace while with him. I believe, you are searching for spiritual guidance or thinking if you should start a relationship with another, while still in one. I believe that you are a loving person with good heart intentions on doing the right things that concern you. I think that your life is completely going to change in a new direction as what you believe in or your life changes, because your beliefs change. Something brand new is happening and it feels good and makes you feel a certain happiness you havent felt in a long while. Be patient...in this as things are happening quickly so take care that you have all the information before making final decisions. I think that there will be a truth in the situation revealed to you in the near future concerning your issues that you may be unaware of as of yet. I also believe that you have talent with using your own psychic abilities, whatever they are to help you with the decisions you need to make. Thank you for letting me do a reading for you. The cards are...8 wands, king pentacles, hierophant, lovers, queen cups, judgement, ace wands, 7 pentacles, high priestess x

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