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  • just to make sure... the man you are talking about is somebody significant for my career not private life, right?



  • Would you like a reading standing tall? Im not certain of letter of name, but if given a name, i can do a reading. x

  • Would you like a reading standing tall? Im not certain of letter of name, but if given a name, i can do a reading. x

  • Yes, magdalena. I believe he will be significant in your career and become an important person in your life. Where it leads...is up to the both of you. x

  • Yes, could you see if my friend gary will have communication with me in the next 30 days.

    Also there is a woman by the name of tina. She broke us up. I have been praying that justice is done.

    This woman is so evil, she hates to see people happy.


  • Ok standing tall, be back in a few...

  • Hi cybergurl May I have a reading my name is Alejandra .

    Thank you

  • Hiya standing tall, id like to say that i can tell you that i can see the problem you are talking about. You feel that someone (other than yourself) is responsible for your heartache. You must know that karma has a way of paying back. You will see that justice will happen. I see that first you should take back your power and loving energy that you have given away. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and face life as if its just starting fresh and brand new. Im not saying it will be easy, but put a bit of effort into it, then the universe can help also. Talk to your angels and ask them for guidance. You may have contact with gary, but i think if you do, beware not to turn it into a heated argument. I believe there is a young man friend that is waiting for the right opportunity to approach you. He will be someone you can depend on. You may cry on his shoulder and it lead to something else. So be careful. Never forget we have choices. The hard part is deciding what we want and go for it. I think there may b

  • Continued...There may be another man to offer you love in the near future. But, first take care of yourself. Sorry, but my reading cut off. x

  • Thanks, you have done an excellent job!

  • Hi Cybergurl,

    I'd love a reading if you're still offering? My name is Thi Van.


  • Hi, My name is Tresa and I would like a reading. Thank you for your time.

  • Hello, Cybergurl67, I would also like a reading. .Marishka.

  • Hiya Thi Van, here is your reading...we start with a woman in your life, i think if not you then someone is trying to change her mind about an issue that now she is debating on what to do. She is a real woman that likes nice things around her and she likes when things fall into place and when life is comfortable. She has a long standing goal that is close to coming to fruitation. It started as a wish, a dream. I think it concernsa young person and the directiom of their life. She has idea, a vision of how things should be. She will stand her ground. She is like so certain that she will battle to defend what she believes is the right. Justice will happen in this situation. Although sad memories fade they never really go away. She may relive a trama in her life, but comes thru it a much happier person. She has a special guardian angel watching over her and can assist her in this matter. I believe things are going to be ok. Dont worry too much. Let the universe, karma and time work magical wonders in life. Be happy. x thank you for letting me do this reading. Feedback would be appreciated. Your cards are... Queen pentacles, page swords, star, 10 wands, page wands, ace swords, 5 wands, justice, 10 swords, 4 swords with the temperance, 4 pentacles, 6 wands for clarification

  • Hiya Tresa, your reading starts out witg you or someone packing up and moving on. They want something different in life although it may seem a lil scary. There is a lot of communication going on and things chaning quickly in your life. Its as if there is a heavy burden that is in the process of healing. There is an offer of love given and its like to be honest, i feel you are waiting for an answer or a sign that proves itself. Your searching for a truth about something or someone. The message i give to you may or may not answer your question, but here goes... You should be starting to experiencing a happy family and home life. I think that you will join in on a group project to help see that the goal set is met. It will consist of a lot of looking inside yourself and spending time alone. That should lead you to a peaceful and content time in your life. Just remember to keep things under control and not let people take advantage of you. Best of luck to you. Thank you for letting me do this reading. Thd cards i have are... 8 cups, 8 wands, page wands, 10 wands, page cups, 2 wands, 10 cups, 3 pentacles, hermit, temperance and chariot came out together

  • Hiya Marishkaa, your reading begins with inner knowing and a feeling an inner strength. Like you already know the answer to the question you may have asked. So, lets see. I believe that there is a man that is sort of a control freak, but means well. He helped put you in a situation where you are able to support yourself and assert your independence. I get the feeling that although there has been heartache, you ban come out on top. There are such things as guardian angels, everyone- even an older man, grandfather figure has special angel guidance. You life is going to change completelx around and be different than you know. Trust yourself and your angelic guidance. Everything will turn out just like it should. Thank you for letting me do this reading. x

  • Cybergurl67, thank you for the reading! surprising for me. Do you think this man is someone from future ( i am in a job search now, so it seems that in terms of independence it could be for example future employer?), or this is the man i know? You are right , there was s heartache, i had a quarrel with my friend not long ago, and we still do not communicate. ( actually i am thinking often about him, so probably this man in the reading it is he?)

    Could you please clarify "you ban come out on top" - i didn't understand it ( sorry, what did you mean? Because this quarrel brought so much uneasiness, did you mean that i will overcome this situation)?

    And i am hoping that changes are for better? ( because , i am longing for them )/

  • Hiya marishikaa, i believe from what i remember, it would be the friend you h the argument with. Because i feel you already know this person. Coming out on top meant that you will probably make up with person or be a winner so to speak in a situation you may find yourself in. x

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