Radiant Rider Waite

  • Anyone want a reading with my new deck, the radiant rider waite? I need to practice, wou like feedback please. All i need to do reading is a name. I dont need a question. Thankx. x

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  • Ok thanx be back in a few. x

  • Ok thanx be back in a few. x

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  • Hiya magdalena, you have an interesting reading. My first thought is 're-trace your steps'. The path you find yourself on is a mixture of happiness and reflextion. I realize, you, i believe is seeking a special guidance to show you how to handle your issues. You seem to have doubts about either your relatioship or someone close to you. The crossroads you are at does have an answer, but you need to decide if its going to hurt others. Or it may be the 'others' are the ones that are causing the pain. Your life has a special angel waiting for you to listen for him to give you the strength and advice to follow thru. You basically should be at a happy time in your life. Someone is offering you a 'helping hand', but if you choose to go with this person, i think there is some sadness to come with it. Thats why i say re-trace your steps. Look back and make sure you arent taking someone or something for granted. Talk to your special angel and ask him for help. Sit quietly, he will answer. And be happy, you have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for letting me do this reading. The cards drawn were... 4 wands, 5 swords, hierophant, 4 swords, world, sun, star, 2 wands, 2 swords, 4 cups

  • Hiya dmick59, be back in a few with your reading. Thanx

  • Hiya dmick59, you also have a nice reading. Yours either finds that this reading centers around a mother figure, or you are a mother or a mother to be. You have a special relationship that is a soul mate. You have had to make some sacrifices recently to help you balance your life out. You are a very giving person, because of this you are going to enjoy all the comforts of a loving home and family life can bring. You also have a special angel to ask for guidance. The man in your life i believe wants to offer you all the happiness he possible can. Marriage, perhaps? You are his ideal woman. You have so much to be happy for. Enjoy this time. Thank you for letting me do this reading. The cards are... Empress, 6 cups, 2 pentacles, 8 cups, 6 pentacles, 10 cups, sun, hierophant, king cups, high priestess and the 4 wands came out together.

  • Good morning! My name is chandra. Thanks in advance

  • Hiya chandra, be right back in a few minutes. x

  • Thank you Cybergurl:), let me 'digest' the reading. i'll give you feedback in some time...

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  • Chandra, i am on my mobile, i had your reading all finished and thought it posted, but i dont see it. Sorry, i will have to do over. Be back in a few. x

  • Cybergurl, thanks once again for the reading:),

    're-trace your steps'-does it mean i am not on the right track right now? Currently there are two things that are on my mind and it's my distance relationship which i find very fulfilling despite the distance between us and my job situation. As far as the relationship there are a few obstacles and there is a kind of stalemate situation so to speak and that's true i sometimes wonder 'what next', 'will there be any next'.:) i guess i've always been a bit of a doubting Thomas, a trait which i can't say i like in myself and which doesn't help at all deal with a few things in my life which need to be dealt with.

    My job has been a source of pain for some time. i have been considering finding a new one but so far has not had enough determination and strong will to do it. it's a struggle i must admit.:) And again the doubts play some part here too.

    'Someone is offering you a 'helping hand', but if you choose to go with this person, i think there is some sadness to come with it.'- that's interesting, does it refer to the man i am close with?

    i know there are a lot of things i should be thankful for, caring and loving people around first of all, which i tend to forget and i should every day remind myself about it.

    it's also sooo comforting to know there is an Angel somewhere next to me ready to serve me with his advice and support. That's a real blessing. 🙂

    i can see that there are two very positive cards in the reading you gave me-the sun and the star:)-sooo uplifting...:)

  • Hiya chandra, alrite, to begin your reading i think this is focusing around your independence. Being able to take care of yourself and having an inner strength and patience to cope with what life throws at you. I believe you to be very intelligent and are ready to add to your life and start a loving relationship. There is a man that will try and develop a relationship with you and offer a lot of love. The confusing thing is, is he smothering you too much? I believe you are wanting to make sure that he is the 'one'. From the cards i have in front of me, it looks like you are able to have it all. Love, happiness, family. I think there is a goal that you have set for yourself. It is almost time to complete the journey you have been on and collect whats yours. You will be able to handle everything. Try not to be nervous. You can accomplish your goals you set and be happy and in love, all at the same time. You have a special guardian angel looking over you. He is there if you need extra encouragement. Just ask. You have a bright future before. Keep going. Thank you for letting me do this reading. The cards are... Strength, temperance, 9 pentacles, hermit, 3 cups, lovers, ace cups, knight pentacles, 3 pentacles, 8 swords

  • Magdalena, i believe family and a safe comfortable home life where somene you love and want to spend your life with does exist. This man is an older man than yourself. He will be established, to where you will be able to turn a hobby into a money making venture. You may choose to work from home. Just when i said re trace your steps, is either like make sure if and when a new opportunity arises, you have all your eggs in there appropriate baskets. That way there wont be any unfinished business to attend to later. You should bd at the point of watching the investments coming in. I think this man i talk about is a vp of a business. Do tatoos mean anything to you? Just curious.

  • Thanks a lot:), i especially like the first sentence.:)

    i think i really need some other occupation. in the current job i have been far too long.

    As for tatoos, no, they don't have any special significance in my life.

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  • Just i thinking that this man may have tatoos or will get one. Or, you will notice a tatoo that will a message that at that time will have meaning for you. I believe it to be a sign from your guardian angel, as to show you he is around you. Let me know. x

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