Captain need a reading please

  • Hi Captain,

    My stepdaughter 6-30-77 and her husband 3-18 (dont know the year) and I think he is 43 years old.

    They have been separated for 16 months now. He visits their 2 kids and takes care of his familys finances and she is not working. A month ago, he told her he is ready to have a marriage counseling to save the marriage but he said he is not ready to move back in with the family. He has his own place. Why wouldnt he move back in if he wants to save the marriage? How can you have a marriage counseling to save the marriage and yet live apart? Is that possible?

    Thank you and many blessings.

  • He is not sure if the counselling will help, but it is encouraging that he does want to try. He just doesn't want to get everyone's hopes up if it fails, so moving back in would be premature and unhelpful at this point.

  • Thanks a lot Captain and many blessings to you and loved ones

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