• Feeling targeted, so to speak, at work. A resident that was assigned to someone else fell. Instead of lady over department focusing on the person that was assigned, I was blamed for petty things that I don't feel actually happened. For example, was told I called one resident's family too much when the resident requested. Just not true. I seem to be the go to person but feels to me more like a scapegoat. I guess what my real question is, why doesn't she address the real situation. Can you help or do a reading.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I'm sorry - I saw this post earlier this week and have not been feeling up to doing readings. Thought I might feel like it in a few days, but I am still feeling really disconnected right now. Going through a "release" phase in my life. Hope things are going better for you at work.


  • Thanks WG and hope the best for you.

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