What does it mean to have Moon in the Twelfth House?

  • I got this reading that said I have

    Mercury in the Second House

    Sun in the Second House

    Saturn in the Tenth House

    Moon in the Twelfth House

    Venus in the Twelfth House

    What does this mean???

  • having both sun and mercury in the second house deals with you being very much focus on money and possessions it can cause a lot of stress in your life due to the fact that you may use them to compensate of a lack of self worth you may also find the you make your money through communication skills

    moon and venis in the twelfth indicates you you tend to hid you emotions and sensitive side but may from time to time have mood swings

    saturn is the tenth house indicated you would be successful in business because you work hard and is dedicated

    hope this was helpful to you good luck and god bless

  • sorry for all the typos

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