Sweet popular soul mate

  • There's this man and I think we have this connection... He is very successful and women swarm around him. I think he likes me but I really have no idea if I am in a dream world here. Thoughts? I don't want to waste my time if any of you guys think it's just crazy and never gonna happen. I'd rather know sooner then later


  • You feel the SAME thing the rest of the swarm does. Every intense attraction is not personal. Some folks are born more magnetic than others and it is their gift or their burdon, because it can make them lazy, because they get their way too easily---or they grow noble character and use it to lead people to higher good. Step back from the trap of his magnetism and take a look from your head at his life. Judge who he is by how he lives. A strong attraction must be an equal of head and heart. Not every strong attraction is a soul mate. Too many women get led astray by that one. A succesful strong minded popular man knows how to get what he wants--he aint shy. If he wants YOU he will lead and persue you. You do not have to wonder.Live your life and stop wondering. BLESSINGS!

  • You are right. Wow! You are so right. He is charming , all these women fricken dress up for this class we are in, ( it kinda makes me want to not go any more) I hate ( won't) compete. He's an actor and he is also very flirty with younger pretty girls. But his charisma and work ethic are ao darn charming, and he has this humility that is quite amazing... Someone with fame and etc... Still cleaning the room and etc. It's refreshing and inspiriing. But your right, he would ask me out if he liked me,,, duhhhhhhh! Once again I live in complete oblivion, crazy, thank you! I think I'll go, but I won't play the silly game everyone around him does


  • Love your comment!

  • Now you are the GODDESS talking!!

  • Yes. So feminine! Love that

  • PS--A pretty man who likes to clean? hmmmm. Do I dare say what a rainbow flag that raises!!!HAHAH!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist that one!

  • Haha probably true!?

  • awesome thread love in truth

  • I'm over him. Now I notice he is always stairing at me. Creepy.

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