• Hi watergirl,

    If you have time, I'd love a reading. Have been listening to Abraham hicks a lot recently and I'm trying to understand and learn. Have attracted a possible interview opportunity as well as a new male friend. The opportunity is within an organizational structure and culture that I don't align with. And I have a lot in common with my new friend and enjoying the interactions but I don't feel a connection with him. It's very odd. Am happy to let things evolve on their own but I can't help thinking he wants more than I do. Can only surmise that my energy is scattered and I'm manifesting things that are not quite right, or what I want. What's your take? Esp, with the job - need a long term opportunity but it doesn't feel right.


  • Hi Danceur 🙂 More than happy to do a reading for you. Will post sometime tomorrow or Sunday...

  • Ok thank you!

  • Hi Danceur,

    Just curious...what is this job? I am getting that you are correct in trusting your gut in that this is not a great place for you. However, I am also getting that financial difficulties lie ahead. Bills piling up and what not. I do see another better job coming to you, but you may have regrets about walking away from this current opportunity in the interim. You will need to dig deep and have faith. Don't let fear and anxiety take over. Stay focused on your goal - the end result of what you want. Maybe not so much on the particulars of the job, but on what it will bring to you...financial security, the home you want to live in, vacations you would like to take, and waking up happy every day and motivated to go in to work - feeling productive and valued. Basically, abundance!

    I'll post about the guy later...


  • Thanks Watergirl:)

    The job would entail providing administrative and logistical support. Reason why I'm not keen is that I've started to outgrow this type of work, there's a feeling of stagnation. Ever since I started listening to Abraham Hicks (thanks for recommending it), my vision of what is possible has expanded. I still do not know what to do as a career, but I'm focusing more on what I do that feels good.

    So I do want a work scope that utilizes my talents, both known and unknown. Some place where i feel free to be me, with a nurturing and supportive environment and great colleagues. And of course, i want that freedom to do my dance after work, as those are the things that bring the most joy to me.

    And this organization seems to have a culture that is at odds with the idea of expansion and change. They resist things or people that are different, in general. I know this because I've been working as a temp with them (in human resources) for a few months and experienced what felt akin to workplace bullying. They don't like me and are tolerating my presence and they gossip about me everyday. Everything I do is seen negatively - even the good things that I do quietly go unappreciated.

    Anyway, I accepted my co-workers (same department) were not going to like me, so I just focused on doing my work. I know I'm doing a good job, all considered, so I quit agonizing about them. I realized I want bigger and better things and I've been looking forward to leaving actually, as my contract is ending in a month.

    That's why I was dumbfounded when my boss said they'd recommended me for a more long term position with another department and that an interview would be arranged. Hiring managers are seeing other candidates as well. I got a sense, though, that it's more about filling the vacancy, rather than ensuring that I'm a good match to the role and the division and its people.

    While this job would be with another division, everyone has close ties with the human resources team and their tentacles and gossip will spread far and wide... and well, I just want to have a fresh start somewhere else where my talents, abilities and contributions are recognized and I am not judged, based on others' prejudices.

    I know I came to work here so that I would learn to embrace who I am, even in the midst of disapproval. And now that I'm on that track and on the path of greater positivity, I can see that this is not the right place for me...the word abundance does not resonate here.

    As you said, the idea of finances is weighing on my mind. I will go for this interview, and I believe i can do the work.... but it would complicate things to accept a job here and back out later when another opportunity comes. So I would greatly prefer to find some other work opportunity and hope that a better fit comes in the nick of time. Applications underway.

    I'm starting to be able to see that based on what we decide, there are any number of different opportunities that could come about. There is abundance 🙂 And I want to be attracting the right opportunities.

  • Hi Danceur,

    Hmmmm, that might change things a bit and I feel like I should take another look -- I saw a new job coming in your future, but maybe that was this new job in a different department! For now, I would go ahead with the interview just to feel them out and see what your gut tells you about these people. Things can be drastically different from department to department within the same company. There are people in my office who say (when a job opens up in another department) "oh, I would NEVER work in THAT office!"

    Also, I think you are getting there, but just a reminder that our LIFE PURPOSE is not necessarily a specific job. That tends to get people really worked up and frustrated about what job they have (or don't have), what job they are looking for, etc. Life Purpose has more to do with the lesson(s) we came here to learn. When it comes right down to it, our life purpose is to be happy. Plain and simple. Just be happy. Along the way, you will encounter struggles and obstacles, but being able to find happiness and joy in the the small things - in the midst of the struggles and obstacles - is what we should all aim for. I stumbled across this just this morning...appropriate timing!

    "Your life's purpose is not the job you are meant to have, but the lesson which you have chosen to complete in this lifetime. Look at your struggles and see what you have faced over and over, and know that your mission is to overcome THAT. It is your MISSION that provides a pathway, a roadmap, and sometimes a career, that can help you heal, expand, and teach that lesson to others! "

    Anyway, I will post again later on the job and the guy 🙂 This is just food for thought in the meantime.


  • Hi again,

    This was very interesting! I do believe this new job opportunity in the same company is what I saw coming to you in the near future. What was shown to me is that you - because of the experience in the HR department (as well as past job experiences) - have an attitude of needing to "clean house" so to speak. The caution is not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Your job experiences (at least since I have "known' you) have been building up and are helping you to clear out an old wound. Something happened to you in the past which robbed you of a part of yourself. All of these jobs have been a process in helping you to reclaim it. Your block has been the manifestation of your fear into an attachment to hesitating. Spirit wants you to release this and trust that you are being guided - to start noticing the signs they send to you and surrender to the path that opens up to you. This new job opportunity may seem on the surface to be a bad thing, but it is not. I was given the message to not judge a book by its cover. And remember to TRUST. Even if it seems like it is a bad thing, it is a necessary step in your evolution.

    I will share with you some of my story in order to help illustrate...

    The job I have now I was cautioned not to take it by some and told it was a great opportunity for me by others. There was another job available at the same time and I was confused about which road to take. So I just adopted a mantra of "the job that is best for me is coming to me now." When I took this job it immediately went downhill very fast and was a complete energy clash with my own. And, yes, although the circumstances were different, it did have the same "element" within it as far as my learning curve in a spiritual sense. Looking back, every job I have ever had was a lesson for me in parental authority. This lesson presented itself in different ways in each job. My first "career" job had a father figure boss from whom I was awared the fatherly approval and acceptance I never received at home. But that same person later on retracted that approval and acceptance. So I went from feeling whole based on what I was receiving from another, to feeling empty and not good enough. The ensuing jobs all had this element in it and through the years I no longer needed or sought out their approval. The next step was for me to STAND UP to this authority figure. The job before the last had me standing up and speaking out against embezzlement and this male figure lashed out at me as he was the guilty party. I thought standing up to him was the final lesson, however in my current job it continued. This time, the male authority figure wanted to fire me based on others' false judgements of me. What was different this time was that I not only stood up to him and did not "accept" the judgement outwardly, but I also did not internalize it. However my "standing up" to him was me just calmly and simply rejecting his opinion/judgement of me without hostility or anger. It was a subtle shift in energy, but it was the final layer. So everything changed after that without changing jobs. I now am doing well, have the approval and appreciation of not only my co-workers but my authority figures as well. And abundance is coming to me financially. It was all so subtle, though. It was in looking back at the patterns and being still enough to feel that SLIGHT inner shift that made me aware.

    Soooooo, Break the pattern of analysis paralysis. Trust in your path as it opens up to you. Trust that when things do not go as you planned, that there is a reason for it. Trust that if you do the inner work, you will be rewarded in the end.


    Start saying that every morning when you get up, evening before bed, heck even on your bathroom breaks! Say it without any pre-conceived notion of what that job is or is not. Then TRUST in the Universe.

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    I can really relate. The minute I stepped into this temp job - it too kinda also exploded on me. I was at odds with everyone and I felt very sad for a while. In my previous job and even in this job, I've been standing up to authority and others as well. The lesson is about believing in my own truths I believe, and in the validity of the way I think and feel.

    I've become the most positive I've felt in years, even in the most unlikely place. I'm learning to trust myself and how I feel. I'm being myself and liking who I am and other people (not my immediate co-workers) are responding positively. Although it's early days and there are not so great freakout moments, for the first time, I am starting to trusting that the Universe has a plan for me and that opportunities will unfold. And it could be that I've also started to trust that is not impossible for me to pursue my interest in dance - perhaps now only as as hobby - and that my injuries will heal in time. And I just have to take it slow and do what feels good, that's all.

    There is no real analysis paralysis going on as there is nothing to compare this opportunity to - at the moment. It's just an awareness that I'm reaching for something - and this job is not quite it.

    You are quite right - it may differ quite greatly from department to department, but the overall structure is bureaucratic. I want to be somewhere where the people are more open-minded, supportive and collaborative and i prefer a less hierarchical structure. It brings out better productivity in me when I'm in such an environment.

    But I am also starting to internalize that we learn something from every path we take - either more of what we want, or what we don't want. So there is no real 'right' job - we are always 'becoming'.

    I've put out the vibes of what i want many times over and I'm just focusing on being happy in the now. You're right - it is as simple as that.

    You've given me a different perspective insofar as this job interview opportunity is concerned. We'll see how it goes.

    Curious about your thoughts on the guy 🙂

  • Hi Danceur,

    Let me know how the interview goes with the new department...I will be curious to know how you felt about their energy. I promise to get to the guy question as soon as I can. I am dealing with something of my own right now which has my energy a bit off so I don't want to "taint" any readings for anyone else with it. For now, keep enjoying each day as it unfolds and getting to know him as a person. At the very least, you may have a new friend come out of this 🙂


  • Hi Watergirl,

    Hope you are ok , or will be 🙂

    Yes I will let you know how things go 🙂 I have run into some of the senior managers in that department and they seem nice, but maybe that's because I'm not working directly with them...lol.

    I have a couple more questions - but do take your time.

    Here goes.... there was an interview that I went to 2 months ago. It went very well and there was supposed to be a 2nd interview. But they told me it would be delayed indefinitely as the hiring manager is based overseas. They said to let them know if becomes imperative for me to know their decision (on whether I have been shortlisted for the 2nd interview).

    I have not contacted them because I didn't want to 'interfere' with the flow of things, eg perhaps things have stalled because there is a better opportunity somewhere else. But I am wondering if I ought to ask for an update anyway, and to see if the job is still available? It is a 'stepping stone' job - one that may afford me some financial stability while I remain open to opportunities that have yet to manifest. That seems to be the path I am being led on.

    There's an underlying sense of wanting to let go, to fly, to follow my heart, to do what makes me happy. This 'sense' is telling me that to remain in the present organization (even in a different department) will be akin to me prolonging the struggle, when all I want is a fresh start, to let go and move on.

    I feel good about the sense of free-spirited energy that has arisen in me. It is both peaceful and exuberant. I just want to be guided to the opportunities and to the people that are a match and will encourage me to keep going in this path.

    Hugs Watergirl 🙂 Have a great week ahead.

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Just an update. I emailed Company A where I did an interview 2 months ago and will wait for their response. Figured I may as well do it as I think it would be good to know what are my options.

    Also, I had the interview with the different department in my company. They seem mostly nice, especially the head of the department. But the one i'll be working closely with seems very high strung (maybe very stressed out). Clashing energies there. And I had a strange impression of the reporting manager as being like a politician, all polished and with the right answers.

    I've got a mellow personality, and I am most productive around people who are calm and grounded. Heard quite a number of them are very headstrong. Add to that, that I'm of a different ethnicity than everyone else (which currently has me being left out in my current department). So I am wondering how i might fit in.

    I do understand why the Universe sent this job my way. I think I'm supposed to look out for jobs/organizations where the people are open-minded and adaptive to change. I'm a fixed sign, and change isn't easy for me. However, in the last 6 months especially, I've felt myself changing and as I mentioned previously, I hope to be guided to the people and opportunities that will encourage this process further.

    I like the idea that there will be greater responsibilities (more avenues to learn). It will be a promotion of sorts. But my instincts are telling me to watch out for the 'fit' component, and that the correct fit will encourage my growth (and the converse is also true).

    There is a big difference between a environment that is dynamic and changing (but where people feel out of balance with the changes) and one where there is a structure in place to encourage the flow of changes. With this job, there's a sense of 'drowning' (people are overloaded), restrictions/constraints. I think I'm seeking quite the opposite: flow, balance, ease and trust. Something with heart, something that allow me to also keep up with my other after work commitments.

    I'm not that keen on the job scope but if I understand correctly, they want me to hear my feedback (before they look at other candidates) so I'll give this job due consideration. However, I did come across another job on their website (yet another department) that interests me so I'll check if I can also be considered for it.

    I've also got an interview at a different company in a few days. It will be a different job scope, challenging and in a multi-cultural setting (which I prefer). And we'll see how it goes.

    And hopefully Company A will also respond.

    For today, I'll just do my dance class and be happy 🙂

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Watergirl.

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