Dream Interpretation with and about Tarot...

  • I had a dream about one Tarot card, the 10 of Pentacles. Nothing spectacular about the dream, the card was just there. Floating so to speak. Being how I am, I just couldn't see how the actual meaning of the card fit my life, so I decided to create a spread about dream interpretation. (I am looking for a bit of advice on the spread layout I came up with). It's a 7 card spread with the positions being: 1) Why the dream was dreamt. 2) Is it possibly prophetic? 3)Present influences possibly effecting the dream. 4) What the dream was trying to say? 5) How past influences might be effecting it? 6) Future (not really sure why I chose that but I think I was going for if it is prophetic) and 7) Message from your Spirit Guides, Universe, HIgher Self. - Anyone have any thoughts/advice on this?

    1 3 5

    2 4 6

    7 <<<< That is how I laid the cards by the way.

  • The 7th card is actually right under the 4th card, not the 2nd card.

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