Need some insight please

  • So me and a friend haven't talked in a long time and we some how came across each other and started talking again. Thing is we live in different countries. He is in mexico I am in Colorado. He is supposed to come up here to start a relationship with me. Ive been trying to call him but he just stopped answering my calls. Please can anyone give me some insight on this situation. my initials are cmm dob is 5/17/87 his initials are erh dob is 3/21/82

  • In the realms of friendship, love and marriage, this relationship develops slowly. It is based on a spontaneous, honest and direct approach to experience. The two of you characteristically take little notice of each other at first, then one day you find yourselves either strongly attracted or repelled, for no obvious reason. In fact you have a bond of commonality, but this will only become apparent after a lot of water has gone under the bridge. Thus the relationship will not usually manifest as love at first sight. Initially in fact mutual dislike is more common. This allows each person an objective assessment of the other's strengths and weaknesses early on, an objectivity that may well prove a solid basis for further involvement. Should the relationship continue, it will be characterized by realistic, down-to-earth attitudes curiously at variance with its often somewhat wild interests and behaviours. Love and marriage are more common here than friendship, for the extremes of emotion aroused by friendship may have a strong physical side which, whether positive or negative, may preclude the more controlled and straightforward attitudes one usually has towards friends and acquaintances.

    Numerologically this is a very good compatible combination. Your friend can be restless in many other relationships, but in your company, he finds harmony and is willing to struggle for the same goals as you. Usually, you tend to meet by accident, because you seem so different and do not move within the same social circles. These types of relationships are often for life - simply because it is difficult to find a better match. If anything comes between you, it will be his work, since it means so very much to him and you will have to accept that if you want to be with him..

  • Thank you for the insight Captain I just have one last question if you can answer it do you see him coming to the United States from Mexico? If so will it be anytime soon? Thank you for everything.

  • No I feel he is too involved in his work to give time to personal relationships at the moment. If you want to see him, you would have to visit him.

  • ok thank you for the insight Captain

  • CMurillo25, I was ready to respond to your post on the tarot forum, if you're still around.

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