Just need a general reading

  • this is my first time on here and I would like a general reading my initials are a n c and my date of birth is june 1 1991

  • If you're still here, post your request on my thread under Tarot--Tarot Readings.

  • Hi ancooley,

    If you click on choose a forum to Tarot you will find a Tread with Daliolite; just go to the last page and ask your question. I felt like doing a reading so this is what I picked up, I pick up on your feelings to give you a different perspective.

    Your feeling blah...

    it looks like you’re learning something new

    and it looks like you had a bump in the road with money

    have patience, things take time...deep breath

    seems like things recently worked out for you

    keep an eye out someone is suspicious or trying to deceive

    i get the feeling that the new learning is a job or a trade...feels good

    your worried about the fighting and quarreling you have been doing

    you indecisive because of it...

    that indecisive will cause disruption, sad feeling

    But you will get out of it and come out feeling strong... if you feel yourself sinking, pull up your boots higher and work thru it you will be fine.

    Hope that helps,


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