Can anyone please give me a reading

  • Can anyone please give me a reading I would greatly appreciate it. I have recently found an old friend and he lives in mexico and I live in Colorado I was wanting to know if anyone can tell me if we will ever be together. He was planning on coming up here to be with me but he hasn't been answering the phone to me so I don't know what is going on and I am a little worried. My initials are CMM dob is 5/17/1987 his initials are ERH and dob is 3/21/1982 thank you for your time and any insight will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Cmurillo25,

    Here is a reading, not a love reading. I pick up on what you are feeling to hopefully to let you see from a different perspective.

    there’s been a bump in the road money wise

    there is frustration and some jumbled feelings

    a feeling of loss of control (you need to stabilize your feelings)

    something didn’t work out like you planned...almost like you feel the deck was stacked against you..

    You have been indecisive

    i get the feeling of something that used to be nice. Has turned

    because of the way you are feeling, you are just going to go thru the motions...not really there but jumping from thing to thing

    With all these feelings though you know deep down who you are, you know your good and can make things work

    There’s a good guy that will watch over you or interact with you

    Things will work themselves out...may take a little and also some effort

    you will put a lot of passion into it...strong feelings resting on the thin line

    Believe in who you are and you can do what you need to, just for now you need to control your emotions. Strong emotions can cloud your judgment, so take deep breaths and slow the mind and make good decisions.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick that does help a lot

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