Captain compatibility reading please

  • Hi Captain,

    I'm trying to understand the behavior of a man I've begun to date. We have had some good conversations about our relationship, seem to be on the same page then he disappears for a bit.

    My sense is he's spread very thin w life's responsibilities & hasn't found balance.

    Me: 3/4/59 Him: 4/18/64 Any insight you have to offer would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf


  • This relationship works better as a business partnership or friendship. The main theme here is socialization. You have a need for privacy and your partner needs to surround himself with people, so your shared dealings with others will be a large issue. As a result, this combination is not generally a good one for living together or marriage. Your partner would want to go out or have people over while you would prefer to stay in for a quiet evening. He is a doer and you are a feeler. A romance here can show abiding bonds of sympathy and affection but generally will lack the searing emotion of a full-blown love affair.

    As friends, this man can bring you more into contact with the world, introducing you to people and to potentially lucrative career opportunities. But he will have problems reaching his deeper feelings, yet you being a master at this, can help him to discover hidden and neglected areas of his psyche, just by insisting he talk about how he is feeling. You can give him the sympathy and emotional acceptance he needs when he is misunderstood by others. He in return can infuse you with hope and inspiration when you feel bogged down by life.

  • Thanks

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