Hello Captain, may I have a reading?

  • Captain, you've been of great assistance in the past and it seems i might require your guidance again.

    I have been restless about my future for awhile. I've been thinking about moving to Los Angeles so i could start finding work in the entertainment industry, but i also have an opportunity to move to Fort Myers, Florida to be around family. I love my family, but i want to really focus on my career even if it is a little risky. What path do you see me taking and are my worries regarding my employment in the film industry going to pass. Do you see any opportunities coming my way this year or soon? Will I even make any move this year?

    Thank you for assistance your able to offer Captain. It's been a rough and confusing 2013 so far and it seems like I don't know where i want to live.

    My name is Bryan Mora and my date of birth is may 13 1988

  • 2013 for you Bryan is all about change and opportuniy. You have to make the changes in your life so as to create opportunity. It will not be the easiest of years but it can be the most exciting if you just go for it. It's time to put your plans into action and stop worrying about whether this or that will work out. It's time to follow your dreams. 2013 will bring you a good deal more freedom than you have experienced in recent years. This is a time for feeling loose and free; for moving away from old routines in a constructive way. If you became bogged down during 2012, now is the time to seek out new directions.

    The problem with this time is a tendency to scatter energies in all directions. Your ability to do detail work is limited now and it will make you feel very confined. In all, this a free-wheeling year that is liable to bring major changes to your life; your career, your family situation, your residence.

    2013 gives you an opportunity to reap the rewards and realize the progress you've made during the last few years. Therefore, opportunities will come your way to advance in various directions. The year asks for flexibility, since the universe often brings rewards in unexpected ways. There may be some amount of risk in the year, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring.

    Good luck to you, Bryan. This is your 'finally moving forward' year!

  • Thank you so much for easing my thoughts and feelings. So much has stirred inside me and i've started to think about if it's all even worth it. But then i remember that if i didn't have my writing or creativity, then i'd be living an empty life. I love what i do and i'm willing to keep working on it.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH and may your 2013 be blessed!

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