Captain or anyone else I need some help

  • I am having a problem with this person I know who I talk to on a daily basis, he's a guy and I feel very close to him but I feel like he's lying to me about stuff, I'm not sure if it's my self doubt kicking in or what..for instance, he recently told me some girl was emailing him on a site and that he said she was saying she put a hex on him or something but I kind of feel that it's him making it up, can someone help me and tell me if he's telling the truth or not, I've asked him and he said he was being honest but I guess I can't help but doubt? please give me some sort of truth behind the situation.

  • Do you have a photo or his birthdate so that I can tune into his vibes?

  • august 13th 1982

  • Your friend is obsessed with being important, being the centre of attention. He also desperately wants to escape what he sees as the mediocrity and claustrophobic nature of ordinary life. He wants to get his own way and to be in absolute control of his life all the time, yet he feels that life and other people want to rip apart his world. He is very insecure and feels unsafe. He has a rather closed attitude and believes that people are out to get him and tear him down. He erects barriers between himself and other people out of self-protection. So it is quite likely he believes what he tells you, but that doesn't make it true.

  • ok thanks, also I feel like he has feelings for me (he says he does) but I'm not sure if I believe his feelings are true or if he's just saying that because he thinks that's what I want to hear?

  • He wants to impress you and he does like you. But he doesn't trust you enough yet to let himself feel anything more.

  • oh ok, anything else about him I should know? or what should I do to get him to trust me more? what am I doing wrong or what should I work on?

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